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Buying a new home can a difficult challenge at any time, but buying in a seller’s market makes the challenge even more difficult. Across the country, the supply of new homes on the market is slow and the demand is high, resulting in a position of power for home sellers. Buyers need to be able to adapt and raise their game to compete in a difficult market if they are to purchase the right home.
Below is a guide for buyers to rise above the competition in a competitive sellers market.
How to know you are in a seller’s market?
The housing varies from town to town and state to state, so how o you know if you are in a seller’s market?
There are two signs that indicate a seller’s market:
Properties are being sold for more than the asking price
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For example, they will complete the purchase of the property if the inspection of the property is completed without any issues or if they can secure a mortgage to finance the purchase. In a competitive market, it may be advisable to drop some of these demands to get ahead of the competition. Sellers prefer to close a deal as easily and with as few obstacles as …show more content…
However, if you have a great credit history and are all but guaranteed to receive a mortgage, if may not be a bad idea to drop any financing contingency. It is far riskier to remove any inspection contingency, in case the property has any serious flaws, or title contingency, in case of any back taxes owed.
Know the market and adjust your strategy accordingly
In standard market conditions, a buyer usually makes an offer on a property below the sellers asking price, then negotiates upwards with the seller. In a competitive market, there is not as much, if any, room for negotiating an asking price down. If the property attracts lots of attention and bids, the price could even go well beyond the seller’s asking price.
Don’t waste time by putting in low offers, aim to put in an aggressive offer that has a good chance of being accepted. Finding a balance is key, you don’t want to go massively over budget and get stuck with sky high mortgage payments.
Increase the area of your

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