Rent To Own Research Paper

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Many external factors can play its part in reasons for home foreclosure, but if it happensto you, you need to be prepared with the best option to get you back on your feet. Your home has just been taken away from you… What will you do to get you and your family back in a home? The most effective option is to Rent-to-own. Renting to own will be one of the quickest options to get you back in a house that could potential become a home with no long-term obligation. Renting to own would be one of the more favorable choices because by doing so you’re allowing yourself time to gain back the financial footing needed to purchase a home, relieve the potential stress that comes with leaping into a steep commitment and allows the buyer to build credit to qualify for a home mortgage loan.
Rent-to-own is the best option for those suffering home foreclosure because it allows people time to financially build back on their feet while living in a home potential for ownership. After falling in the misfortune of home foreclosure, it becomes extremely difficult for victims to seek external financing to help put them in another living quarter. With this particular option, potential buyers are able to enter an arrangement, typically 3 to 5 years, where they pay an agreed
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Through this option, the buyer has to make a costly down payment, varying with the cost of the home, and the bank would finance the rest, adding on an obligation to pay the bank the funded amount plus accrued interest over the life of the loan. Through Rent-to-own, the outcome of owning the home is the same, but the steps leading up to this commitment makes all the difference! Renting to own allow these victims to save money during the duration of the Rent-to-own contract, build credit and overall put the buyer in a better position to accept such a large life and financial

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