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  • What Is Social Impact?

    Social impacts are the consequences of change in societies and cultures (Basa, 2007) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) methods are used to study these consequences. The scope of SIA and the methods used have widened considerably in recent decades (Esteves et al. 2012), with SIA developing concepts and tools to assess the social impacts of development projects on people and their livelihoods (Asselin and Parkins, 2009; Tang et al., 2008; Vanclay, 2003, 2006). In the United States, the National Environmental Protection Act 1969 (NEPA) provided strong legislative impetus for the development of procedures for environmental impact assessment, and early references to SIA came in the 1970s regarding the impact of pipeline development on indigenous…

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  • The Impact Of Sustainability On The Environment

    The environmental impact assessment, created in 1969 and made law in 1970, is one of the most practical methods of assessment of environmental management tools in the world. It assesses the proposed projects’ impacts on the environment and arbitrates whether the benefits of the project outweigh the harm of the environment and the local people. It looks at whether the impacts are beneficial or detrimental, naturally reversible or irreversible, repairable with management practices or irrepairable,…

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  • Health Impact Assessment

    HEALTH IMPACT ASSESSMENT INTRODUCTION The World Health Organisation (WHO) (2016) defines Health Impact Assessment (HIA) as “Assessment of the change in health risk reasonably attributable to a project, programme or policy and undertaken for a specific purpose”. Health impact assessments identifies both negative and positive impact a proposed intervention will have on the health and wellbeing of the target population (Western Australia Department of Health (WADH 2011). This happens during the…

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  • Equality Impact Assessment

    Organisations can sometimes discriminate unwittingly through policies and procedures that lead to disadvantage for certain groups. This is known as institutional discrimination and can occur when attitudes such as “we’ve always done it this way” are commonplace. To eliminate institutional discrimination, all public authorities have a responsibility to look at all their services, policies and procedures regularly to identify and remove any potential discrimination. This process is known as…

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  • Great Barrier Reef Environmental Issues

    One environmental issues posted on the Facebook group on Ecologically Conscious Social is climate change’s effect impacts on the Great Barrier Reef where is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The Great Barrier Reef is located in Queensland, state of Australia. A concern raised by a group of environmentalists over a threat to the Great Barrier Reef is carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that emit from burning of coal. The federation government environment minister, Mr. Greg Hunt approved a 16.5…

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  • Baseline Neighborhood Transportation Project Paper

    Thank you for providing the California Department of Transportation (Department) the opportunity to review and comment on the Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Waterman + Baseline Neighborhood Transformation Specific Plan (Project). The proposed project are includes approximately 710 acres located near the center of San Bernardino area the intersection on Waterman Avenue and Baseline Avenue. The Project proposes a maximum build out of up to 4,341 residential…

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  • The Pacific Northwest Lng Project Environmental Assessment

    Question 1 The Pacific Northwest LNG Project Environmental Assessment Report shows a lot of flaws in public participation. However, the project can only be expected to achieve ‘reasonable’ levels of public participation. Therefore, the public participation of this project, though inadequate compared to the principles of public participation, was reluctantly acceptable. The principles of public participation require public consultation throughout every stage of the environmental assessment…

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  • Social Impact Assessment Essay

    At present time different projects, programs and policies are being invented or developed around the world. The point is that all these actions bring social impacts or, saying in other words, bear consequences, which affect the lifestyle of people, their work, personal relationships and communication within society. In turn, there is a term “social impact assessment (SIA)”, which is used to assess, analyze and control these effects. Social impact assessment can be applied to estimate positive…

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  • 9.41: A Health Impact Assessment

    RCW 9.41.113: A Health Impact Assessment Introduction Gun violence is the leading cause of premature death in the United States1 and a serious public health problem in Washington State. The Brady Act is a federal law that requires all firearm sales or transfers be subject to a background check unless specifically exempted by state or federal law2. Washington State incorporates this into state law under RCW 9.41.113, and requires firearms dealers to use NICS, the Washington State Patrol…

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  • Programmatic NEPA Review

    efficiency of environmental reviews. Under NEPA, a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) is created for an extensive federal action, such as the adoption of a plan, policy, program, or regulation. 40 C.F.R. 1502.4(b). Often referred to as a “strategic environmental assessment” by NEPA professionals, the programmatic EIS must put emphasis on comprehensive federal proposals and be…

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