Environmental impact assessment

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  • The Impact Of Sustainability On The Environment

    The environmental impact assessment, created in 1969 and made law in 1970, is one of the most practical methods of assessment of environmental management tools in the world. It assesses the proposed projects’ impacts on the environment and arbitrates whether the benefits of the project outweigh the harm of the environment and the local people. It looks at whether the impacts are beneficial or detrimental, naturally reversible or irreversible, repairable with management practices or irrepairable, short term or long term impacts, temporary of continuous, local/regional/national or global, accidental or planned impacts, direct or primary and indirect or secondary, and finally cumulative or single impacts. The EIA takes into account many aspects of potential impacts of the project, however, without proper practice and application of this tool, many misguided agreements may occur and cause more harm than good to the…

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  • Great Barrier Reef Environmental Issues

    One environmental issues posted on the Facebook group on Ecologically Conscious Social is climate change’s effect impacts on the Great Barrier Reef where is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The Great Barrier Reef is located in Queensland, state of Australia. A concern raised by a group of environmentalists over a threat to the Great Barrier Reef is carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that emit from burning of coal. The federation government environment minister, Mr. Greg Hunt approved a 16.5…

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  • Public Participation In Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

    and reflection of the general development of public engagement in environmental decision-making. Wood (2003), Glucker et al. (2013) claim that public participation is an essential part of the success of EIA. Public involvement in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) The definition of public participation in EIA is often used interchangeably to involvement, engagement, consultation, and sometimes with little attention to their differing objectives and potential outcomes. From the social and…

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  • What Is Social Impact?

    Social impacts are the consequences of change in societies and cultures (Basa, 2007) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) methods are used to study these consequences. The scope of SIA and the methods used have widened considerably in recent decades (Esteves et al. 2012), with SIA developing concepts and tools to assess the social impacts of development projects on people and their livelihoods (Asselin and Parkins, 2009; Tang et al., 2008; Vanclay, 2003, 2006). In the United States, the National…

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  • The Pacific Northwest Lng Project Environmental Assessment

    Question 1 The Pacific Northwest LNG Project Environmental Assessment Report shows a lot of flaws in public participation. However, the project can only be expected to achieve ‘reasonable’ levels of public participation. Therefore, the public participation of this project, though inadequate compared to the principles of public participation, was reluctantly acceptable. The principles of public participation require public consultation throughout every stage of the environmental assessment…

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  • Programmatic NEPA Review

    On December 18, 2014, the President’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) issued the Final Guidance on Effective Use of Programmatic NEPA Reviews (Programmatic NEPA Guidance). This guidance is part of the Administration’s attempt to bring up to date federal agency implementation of NEPA to improve the involvement of the public, transparency, and efficiency of environmental reviews. Under NEPA, a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) is created for an extensive federal action,…

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  • Transcanada Case Study Summary

    TransCanada’s responses to its environment can be described by two actions: the drafting of the EIS and the Perryman Study and working with the Nebraska government to reroute the pipeline. 2.1 Environmental Impact Study and Perryman Study As to compile with the National Environmental Policy Act and the Department of State for a presidential permit that included a national interest determination, TransCanada had to prepare an EIS, which was a three-year study and examined “project design…

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  • River Flow Alteration Essay

    synthesizes the flow assessment methodologies to understand ecological responses to flow alteration and begins with a compilation of all historical methods to assess environmental flows, evaluates the relationships between ecological responses and flow alteration, describes the research on the new analytic method for developing regional environmental flow standards called the Ecological Limits of Hydrologic Alteration (ELOHA), then…

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  • The Importance Of Caregiver's Menta Assessments For Children

    The aim is keeping the focus on the child, but giving clear understanding of family life, particularly issues which impact upon the child, as well as elements which act as strengths to help the child. However to reflect individualism where everyone has different needs, thoughts and experiences, separate assessments must be undertaken for each child. The framework for assessments is a holistic evidence-based approach showing a balance outlook of the child’s world by concentrating on three key…

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  • Reflection: What Makes My Family A Family

    work can also have characteristics. These characteristics are shaped by the people who live and work in those spaces. For instance, in our classroom we have desks grouped together so we can work in groups. A characteristic of our classroom is that our desks are grouped so that we can work in groups. Look around the classroom, and silent hands what else is a characteristic of our classroom? ------ Push students to not only give a characteristic, but also how that characteristic reflects the…

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