Environmental management

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  • The Importance Of International Environmental Management

    Over the course of the three decades, the issue of environmental management has emerged in international debates while at the same time, countless numbers of research continues to revealed facts about pollutions, deforestation, loss of biodiversity ecological degradation and the list goes on. However, this problem has manifested into a global dabate, thus giving birth to implementation international environmental law, bilateral agreement, as well as conferences on environmental management. For example, in order to promote a comprehensive international policy that strengthen environmental protection, Ved P. Nanda and George Pring, authors of International Environmental Law and Policy for the 21st Century recognizes the importance for governments…

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  • Environmental Management Interview

    Management Interview: Environmental Manager The company I selected for this project was Westlake Chemical Corporation; the person I selected is the Environmental Manager, Jeannie Jeffus. Westlake Chemical is an international manufacturer and supplier of petrochemicals and building products that enhance the daily lives of people around the planet. The tires we ride on, the plastic wrap that keeps our meats and produce fresh, the pipes that are essential to ensuring clean water and the frames…

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  • Personal Statement For Environmental Management

    Oreoluwa Adeyinka Personal Statement Montclair State University, New Jersey Degree Objective: Environmental Management PhD I remember the day I was taught about Venn diagrams in math class. I always wanted to be the subset that connected all three circles together and I hope that at the end of this statement you can help me accomplish that goal by granting me admission to Montclair State University, New Jersey to study Environmental Management. First Circle Missionary Parents. The one…

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  • The Importance Of Environmental Aspects On The Environment

    With the 2016 ISO 14001 environmental recertification audit looming on the horizon, it’s important that we all know our role in the site’s Environmental Management System (EMS). A large part of our Environmental Management System and ISO certification relies on the identification and management of our Environmental Aspects. An Environmental Aspect is any activity carried out at the mill that does or may have an impact on the environment. This can range from activities associated with…

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  • Analysis Of Horizons Regional Council's One Plan

    name One Plan alludes to the fact that it combines six distinct regional policy statements and plans into one comprehensive document. The One Plan defines the management of the regions natural resources over the 10-year span of the policy. It concentrates on four significant environmental areas: biodiversity, land management, and water both quality as well as quantity. The overall objective of the One Plan is to enhance and preserve the region’s lake and rivers. To achieve this objective, in…

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  • Environmental Science Personal Statement

    interdisciplinary education, leading me to my chosen field: environmental studies. Becoming a scientific diver changed my educational direction. The ocean took my breath away with its wide variety of life and showed me the many dimensions of the underwater world which created a special interest in me for the marine and coastal environmental fields. After spending…

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  • Environmental Performance And Corporate Social Performance

    Based on the good management theory which states that when the company has a good reputation and sharing in social and environmental activities, this in turn will end up into a strong financial position. This means that corporate social performance come first then corporate financial performance. Therefore, in this dissertation, environmental performance as a part of corporate social performance is considered to be the independent variable which is measured by the ISO 14001 as dummy variable and…

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  • Environmental Sustainability

    Impact and Accomplishments of Environmental Sustainability Movement Environmental sustainability as a social movement has grown and evolved to be a societal phenomenon, gathering massive supporters, advocates, global recognition and political interest. The movement since its inception, has recorded a great deal of accomplishments worthy of note. Perhaps the most renowned and early accomplishments dates back to 1916, when the National Park Service was established. Gottlieb (2005) notes how…

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  • Negatives Between Sustainability And Tourism

    John Swarbrooke, in his book Sustainable Tourism Management, mentioned about five environmental aspects, which are effected by tourism. These are: Impacts of Tourism on Environment: Positive Negative Provides a reason for the protection and conservation of natural habitats and wildlife because of its value as a tourism resource Tourists make use of a range of NATURAL RESOURCES for example of water resources for their baths and swimming pools using large amounts of water often in places where…

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  • Statement Of Intent For Tourism Essay

    have them decorated with flowers leaving my fellow teenagers and even adults perplexed by the beauty and aesthetic view of my works. As a teenager, I had several times, competed in a local aesthetics competition in which I always took the first position. The interest grew to a stage I decided to undertake a study in Urban and Regional Planning in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Nigeria, a profession that sees to environmental beauty and aesthetics, at the same time, managing…

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