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  • Connotation In The Housewife

    I choose this term because it’s the new and improved definition of a housewife. In addition, there is a difference between house and home. The reason for that is that people change houses many times during their lifetime. So, if someone is a ‘housewife’, then does that mean that the person changes every time you change your house? Whereas, your home is your home and the full time job of a stay at home mum, a homemaker exerts to convert any random house into a home with lasting and loving memories. Here, the maker is the definiendum and the home is defines and the ‘maker’ quality is the differentia that distinguish this term from similar terms. This is why a mother as a homemaker deserve not to be limited to someone wife but rather be appreciated and acknowledged for any work that these women put in her and her husbands’ household and children. Just like mother earth, a homemaker’s occupation is to nourish and transform humanity (Lewis, pg.…

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  • Benefits Of Cleaning Your Home

    Cleaning your home is often the last thing that comes up in the mind and the schedule of a busy person. No matter how big or small your house is if it’s dirty it looks like it’ll take forever to clean it. When you try to keep up with your professional life, taking care of your kids, cooking for your family and trying to find some extra time to spend with your significant other, somehow the cleaning goes to the bottom of your priorities list. When your house is a mess, you feel less productive…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Realism In The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

    Realism in Chopin and Freeman Women in the 19th century, married or unmarried, were expected to stay at home all day taking care of the house and cleaning up after others. So it is no surprise that with nowhere else to be but home, many women began to purchase novels and read in their spare time. Many women took an interest in realist works of literature that were written by women, and about women much like themselves. Middle-class, homemaking women enjoyed reading about snapshots of…

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  • Nostalgia In I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

    were expected to accept their work load happily, while barely getting a choice to do so. Brady writes about how she wants a wife who will not talk back or complain, but let her, or the metaphorical partner, complain all of her problems while keeping the home spotless, and the children happy. Women were, and still are expected to do so much, no matter if they wanted to or not. They were often supposed to act more as a personal slave than someone’s wife. Society pertains the need to keep the home…

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  • Housewife Case Study

    The subject, Cece (not her real name), is a 47-year-old housewife/homemaker from Pasig City who set aside her 9-year-career as soon as her first child was born in exchange of becoming a stay-at-home mother and remained so 20 years after. Her husband, a 48-year-old government employee whom she has been married to for 25 years, is the sole provider for their family of three while their 19-year-old son is still finishing his college degree. A brief face-to-face meeting regarding the nature of this…

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  • Changes In Parental Roles

    Changes in Parental Roles The past several decades have brought about many changes in parental roles. Some of those changes have proven to be positive, and families have benefited from them. However, not all changes have been encouraging, but instead have had undesirable consequences, even so, it is not uncommon. As with any change, there will always be controversy whether or not particular changes are favorable or unfavorable. Throughout the last several decades, a few changes that have taken…

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  • Women And Homework

    the woman was given more credit for her physically straining work, but now it is almost masked. Women like to believe they are not stay at home moms anymore, but they are in a way. Yes, women are given more freedoms and opportunity, but to what extent? In my experience, my mom did not want to stay out shopping too late because she had to come back home and cook before my dad got back home from work. A study in 2015 shows not only men want women to stay home, but most women voluntarily want to…

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  • Paragraph On Ideal Mother

    The Ideal Mother A mother is arguably the most important factor in the well-being and development of a child. Children getting the constant love and nurturing a mother gives is crucial during the first few years of life, when the child is most impressionable. This being said, it is easier for a mother who stays at home with her children to offer the necessary amounts of love and care versus one who is working throughout the week. Mothers who choose to stay-at-home with their child rather than…

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  • 20th Century Women

    Life has never been easy for women, but during the 20th Century, it was especially hard. The 20th Century was a time of change for women. Women were slowly gaining rights and discovering their own place in society. They were no longer sitting at home waiting for orders, but protesting and becoming activists for their own rights. Many of them had mixed emotions about their status in society while others knew exactly where they belonged. The 20th Century was a time of exploration and discovery for…

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  • Jamaica Kincaid Girl

    The Narration and Point of View of “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid A woman should stay at home and cook and clean, while the men do the real work. This blatant sexism can still be seen today in parts of the world and is conveyed throughout the short story, “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid. It is evident very early in the story when the narrator is giving instructions and rules on how to be a “good girl.” These instructions vary from washing clothes the right way, to how to iron her father’s shirt. “Girl” is…

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