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  • Microsoft Value Position Essay

    Value Proposition Our tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro, has unique features for engineering students that our competitors lack. Distinctive benefits such as the surface pen and keyboard both offer the same input capabilities that a desktop offers with more efficiency. Utilizing these features, along with the app for education and multi-tasking windows, could help significantly reduce Cullen engineering students’ and faculties time with homework, studies, and other online assignments. Features and Benefits Summary Features Benefits Large screen A large screen allows for more space for multi-tasking between things such as homework problems, textbooks, videos, etc. Apps for education Downloadable apps for education can help connect students…

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  • Reflection 7

    trust between students and families can be a difficult task to accomplish. This can be in large part due to the fact parents are so protective of their child, because they want them to be safe. It also can be due to the feelings of being overwhelmed with such an overloaded schedule filled with meetings with teachers, support staff, special needs services, doctors, psychologists, and transition services. In many cases the life of a parent with special needs is much like running a marathon with…

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  • Analysis Of My Strengths

    strengths a lot with my family because my mom had to function like a single parent, and she depended on me to take care of myself, help take care of my sisters, and help around the house. My mom was able to depend on me and by doing what she asked of me I was being…

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  • The Importance Of Making The Transition From High School To College

    the toughest challenge they have yet to face. Whether it 's being away from home for the first time, making new friends or facing academic challenges this transition can be extremely overwhelming. This step by step process will help students to pass their exams. There are six major steps that students should do in order to pass their exams, which include, adapting to dorm life, breaking bad high school habits, sleeping enough, working hard, getting involved, and having a good diet. Most college…

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  • Effects Of Homework

    Homework should be reduced because it affects parents more in many aspects. Parents are the staple in any child 's life. They hold together the bulk of everything and are responsible for a whole lot. Homework does not only take a large toll for children parent’s suffer from the large amount students get also. Parents have a ton of responsibility, their child 's homework should not create bigger problems for them. Household and parents stress levels are affected maining because of homework. This…

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  • College Transition Process

    step process will help students to pass their exams. There are six major steps that students should do in order to succeed in college, which include, adapting to dorm life, breaking bad high school habits, sleeping enough, working hard, getting involved, and having a good diet. The first step to transitioning into college is adapting to dorm life. Most college students are not used to sharing a bedroom or a bathroom with twenty others. “Home” is now shoved in…

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  • College Is Stressful

    stay calm and not stress out over the little things. Although some might say that being a first semester college freshman is stressful no matter what, others would say that with the help of being organized, going to their classes every day, and making time for themselves; a college freshman will be able to stay calm and not stress out over the little things that are happening around them. “Making a schedule will help you be more organized in all of your classes.” (Nicole 1) Being well organized…

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  • Personal Essay About Being Stressful

    As I work on my homework I listen to music. This helps so that the assignments I 'm working on really don 't feel like I 'm doing an assignment. Doing my assignments for my classes, though really help me retain the information better and learn the objective of the assignment. In addition, sometimes homework is easy and sometimes homework is challenging. The most difficult and stressful thing with being assigned homework is not understanding what is being asked. Also, for some it is hard to get…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Being A Student Athlete Essay

    It is many athletes dream to play at the college level or beyond. College is a mile stone in any individual’s life, let alone an athletes. There becomes a struggle between student athletes having life “made” and a normal student. Student athletes face missing class due to sporting events, juggling homework and practice and dealing with the fatigue that comes with practicing often. A normal student is faced with the stress of being away from home for an extended amount of time, challenges brought…

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  • Willpower Definition Essay

    I need to make my own homework space at home in order to achieve this. Right now I have four different places I can go to do my homework but the quietest place I can go is work. W The second solution is to set goals when doing homework such as completing a certain amount of the big task in portions. For example instead of reading an entire chapter I need to read a small portion each night. Personal Life Situation My car is on the verge of falling apart. This is not an exaggeration…

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