Effects Of Homework

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Homework should be reduced because it affects parents more in many aspects. Parents are the staple in any child 's life. They hold together the bulk of everything and are responsible for a whole lot. Homework does not only take a large toll for children parent’s suffer from the large amount students get also. Parents have a ton of responsibility, their child 's homework should not create bigger problems for them. Household and parents stress levels are affected maining because of homework. This is a good example of how homework is stressful for parents. “As well, homework can cause stress within households now that work and family arrangements are so much more complicated for many than they were a generation or two ago. As the brief notes, …show more content…
A time to do other things that don 't cause students so much stress is really important. Whether it 's a sport or a club, or just time to detach from school all together is really important. But, the constant thought of an assignment that is due soon being in the back of thier mind stops them from totally being able to detach and live it. Also some kids are not even able to do the simple things like hang out with friends because of the amount of homework the receive. Homework now a days has pushed passed friends on the list. Homework affects personal time and activities. For example this g helps that statement. “Indeed, most children have much better things to do than several hours of homework, critics say, including things as simple as spending time with their friends and family, reading for pleasure, or playing sports. Enforced homework assignments not only do not help children learn, opponents contend, but also largely destroy their love of learning.” ("Infobase Learning Login"). Students should not have to deal with several hours of homework every night. Students need to focus on more important things such as friends, family, reading for pleasure, or playing sports. The work that is assigned most of the time is busy work and is not helping the child. Students deserve to not have learning become a bad thing because of the fact that the things that are really important to them are being limited. Homework should be banned because it is starting to affect what kids love. Students are pushed to get involved in things like clubs, sports and other extra activities. Most children want to do everything possible but more of the time parents deny them the chance to try new things or do more than one activity at a time. The most common reason is because of school and they know their child will have no time to get the homework done. If homework was just 15 minutes students

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