College Transition Process

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For most young adults, making the transition from high school to college is the toughest challenge they have yet to face. Whether it is being away from home for the first time, making new friends or facing academic challenges this transition can be extremely overwhelming. This step by step process will help students to pass their exams. There are six major steps that students should do in order to succeed in college, which include, adapting to dorm life, breaking bad high school habits, sleeping enough, working hard, getting involved, and having a good diet.
The first step to transitioning into college is adapting to dorm life. Most college students are not used to sharing a bedroom or a bathroom with twenty others. “Home” is now shoved in
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Procrastination in high school meant occasionally staying up late to finish an assignment. Avoiding work until the last minute without sleep can lead to a drastic increase in stress levels. When a student is working under pressure they will rush to get the job done even if it is a crucial assignment, this can lead to failing that class. To prevent this from happening students need to get the proper amount of sleep. When well-rested students are more likely to do their work thoroughly and in a timely manner. Students also need to know how to properly manage their time so that they can effectively get their work done with minimal stress. In high school stress may have been responded to by drinking or eating your feelings, in college, these actions can have serious repercussions. College is stressful and it is imperative that students develop healthy coping mechanisms. Students must find ways to relieve the stress without causing more problems in the future. Exercise, counseling, and hobbies can all help to calm a student down and refocus them. If a student is feeling unfocused, antsy and stressed, exercising is a good way to clear the mind. Going for a jog is a great way to relieve stress in a healthy way. The mental health of a student can determine how well they succeed, it is extremely important that students take care of themselves and reach out for help when they need it. If a …show more content…
Paying attention to what and how much you are eating and drinking will pay off when it comes to energy, good health, mood, and weight. When a student arrives at college, they are offered unlimited options when it comes to food. Food has a large impact on students at college, friends gather for meals in the dining hall, it 's a social outlet but it can also become something addictive. Food can cheer students up, comfort them, and even calm so students down. This is a major reason why students gain weight. When stressed students will grab something fast on the go and over time the unhealthy choices of pizza or hamburgers will add up. In order to prevent the “freshman fifteen,” students must find a balance in their diet. Students should make sure to have reasonable portions, a balanced plate, and variety within their meals.
College is full of new experiences and challenges that may seem overwhelming at first. Although the transition from high school to college is a difficult change, it is doable. With the steps provided, students will have a guide to help make the transition a little

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