Teenage pregnancy

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  • Teenage Pregnancy In America

    Teenage pregnancy has always been an important issue in America’s society. In 1995, in his State of the Union address, President Bill Clinton singled out teenage childbearing as “our most serious social problem.” (Furstenberg 1). According to Furstenberg, the reason for this sudden desire to start families earlier is that, for teenagers, this time period became a time where women wanted to become more domesticated and produce families earlier. This was partially because of the transition from agricultural based economies to factory based, as well as the newly large government expenditures on education and housing, and the heavy cultural focus on home comfort and development. (Furstenberg 3). In 1991, the teen birth rate was 61.8 births for every 1,000 adolescent females in the United States.…

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  • Social Impact Of Teenage Pregnancy

    The Impact of Teen Pregnancy In 2009, it was recorded that over 400,000 adolescents gave birth in the United States (Hudgins, Erickson, & Walker, 2014). Teenage pregnancy has become a familiar topic to be discussed considering the astounding number and record highs created within the past twenty years. Georgia alone had close to 13,000 births by teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 making a rate of 37.9 per 1,000 teenagers in 2011 (Hudgins & et al, 2014). This study offers the point of…

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  • Motherly Love: Teenage Pregnancy And Teenage Parents

    Motherly Love Teenage pregnancy and teenage parents do not have to be any different from adults. It all depends on how one views and treats them. According to a study done by the CDC in 2014, of every 1,000 babies 24.2 babies are born to a teenage mother. As a society people must be more understanding of teenagers being parents, and know that it does not automatically make them a bad or poor parent. Pregnancy and parenting is a tough job alone, while the teenage brain is still developing think…

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  • Causal Theory Of Teenage Pregnancy

    The issue of teenage pregnancy has been a dominant point of interest and contention in American politics and American popular culture, with shows like 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom becoming a platform for a more open discussion of this issue in American media. Though, these shows are in most cases not a true depiction of this important issue, they are demonstrative of how prevalence and widespread teenage pregnancy has become in America. Therefore, it is important to ask what the the influencing…

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  • Teenage Pregnancy And Poverty Essay

    (Poverty.org.uk, 2016) The above graph shows that teenage pregnancy rate is most common amongst those from a manual background than those from managerial or professional background. The graph shows that 1.1% teenagers from a managerial or professional who were pregnant. 3.5% pregnancy rate amongst teenagers from an intermediate background and 8.4% pregnancy rate amongst teenagers from a routine or manual background. This proves that teenagers from manual backgrounds have higher pregnancy rate…

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  • Ethical Issues Of Teenage Pregnancy

    Pregnancy at a young age, or teen pregnancy, is a commonly known issue throughout the United States that affects the lives of many. “In 2013, a total of 273,105 babies were born to women aged 15-19 years, for a live birth rate of 26.5 per 1,000 women in this age group” (qtd. In CDC, “About Teen Pregnancy”). There are various websites on this issue that hold a wide range of information, from parent and guardian resources, to teenage pregnancy statistics. Some websites on this issue are not…

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  • Teenage Pregnancy Vs Reality Tv

    subject of teen pregnancy. Each episode outlines a different teenage girl’s life in which they are faced with incredibly adult decisions (“About the Show” 1). By becoming pregnant at the age of 16, these girls are forced to sacrifice their teenage years and their high school experiences (“About the Show” 1). The television show was initially aired to prevent teenage pregnancies from occurring in the future, as well as to encourage teenagers to use a form of contraception if they are sexually…

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  • Consequences Of Teenage Pregnancy In The United States

    Teenage pregnancy is a major problem in the United States as well as other developed countries. The problem, however, is more widespread in the U.S. than other industrialized nations. The U.S. experiences the highest number of teen births and parenting in the globe. The impact of this problem is quite far-reaching. The consequences of teen pregnancy include abortion, teenage parenting, and social, economic, medical, and educational difficulties for the victims. The problem does not affect the…

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  • Disadvantages Of Teenage Pregnancy

    Have you ever wondered about the difficulties teenage parents experience? Teen pregnancy is a situation that ultimately alters a teen’s future forever with positive and negative side effects. In this research paper, readers will understand more clearly that even though teenage pregnancy isn’t the best experience to brag about, at the same time, it also isn’t the worst experience to complain about. Even though the teen pregnancy rate has declined over the past few decades, the fact of the matter…

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  • Teenage Pregnancy Poverty

    Teenage Pregnancy has always been an issue in the United States, according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In 2013 there were 273,105 babies born in the U.S. to teenage mothers between the ages of fifteen and nineteen years old. This means, the birth rate for teenage pregnancy is 26.5 out of 1000 teenage girls. Traditionally, teenage pregnancy was though to be exclusively due to poverty. However, there are multiple factors that lead to teenage pregnancy, such as peer…

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