Teenage Pregnancy Theory Essay

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The issue of teenage pregnancy has been a dominant point of interest and contention in American politics and American popular culture, with shows like 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom becoming a platform for a more open discussion of this issue in American media. Though, these shows are in most cases not a true depiction of this important issue, they are demonstrative of how prevalence and widespread teenage pregnancy has become in America. Therefore, it is important to ask what the the influencing factors are in the rise of teenage pregnancy. The causal theory in this case is that the sexual health curriculum has an effect on the rates of teenage pregnancy. The independent variable being restricted sexual health education and the dependant variable being rise of teenage pregnancy. This essay will consider sexual health education, or lack there of, as an important factor that has lead to the rise of teenage pregnancy. …show more content…
Taking this into consideration, we can conclude that there is no need, in this case, for researchers to account for reverse causality. But there are other confounding variables that can be associative factors in the rising rates of teenage pregnancy in a number of states. Some confounding variables that can be recognized within this causal theory are absentee parents, religious ideology, sexual abuse or rape and in some cases glamorization of teenage pregnancy through media platforms such as the tv-shows mentioned earlier. Some other more general confounding variables would be economic status or the education level of the parents of the teenagers. Though all the variables mentioned are valid and call for further research, this essay will be focusing on religious conservatism as a confounding variable in rates of teenage

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