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  • The Maturity Of Telemachus In Homer's Odyssey

    main character Odysseus leaving his home of Ithaca to fight a battle in Troy. Odysseus also left behind his wife Penelope, and their newborn son, Telemachus. Odysseus has not been home in 20 years, so Telemachus did not have a father figure growing up. Telemachus is not very mature and he does not know how to act like a “real” man. Throughout The Odyssey, Telemachus has to mature to a man through his journey has to go on. Telemachus is a boy at the beginning of The Odyssey because he is weak. First, Telemachus is weak at the beginning of the story when he holds a meeting with the suitors and he wanted to speak. While one of the…

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  • The Character Of Telemachus In Homer's Odyssey

    ten-year long war, he still has not returned home yet. Although the central plot of Homer’s Odyssey follows Odysseus and his quest back home, another powerful message reveals itself in the subplot regarding Telemachus, Odysseus’s twenty-year old son. As the man of the house, he has to take on the responsibility of running the household and defending his mother Penelope and himself from the dangerous appetites of the hundreds of suitors who nag Penelope. Even though he still has a long ways to…

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  • The Odyssey Essay: The Heroic Acts Of Odysseus

    of The Odyssey, Telemachus and his father Odysseus encounter each other, to plan out to fight the suitors, but Telemachus doesn’t know that the “beggar” is his father in disguise. All the years before this, Telemachus never had ever met Odysseus before because he was way to young to remember him. Odysseus even doesn’t know him really, but he hears and asks about him a lot in Ithaca and other places like that. I would say that Odysseus becomes a hero as a father in the end when he plans and kills…

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  • Hospitality In Homer's The Odyssey

    1. Hospitality is a great manner that is heavily practiced in The Odyssey, by Homer. When I look at the times of ancient Greek, I notice they are quite similar to the traditions practiced in my culture today. This is quite evident in book four, when Telemachus and Nestor 's son are spotted at the castle gate by one of Menelaus ' servants. He immediately ran to the king to decide whether or not they should send them elsewhere due to preparing for a wedding. Without a question, without a doubt,…

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  • Odysseus's Challenges In The Book 10 Of The Odyssey

    Book 10 of The Odyssey follows Odysseus as he continues to travel, with the main priority of returning to his homeland and reuniting with his family. Odysseus’s leadership, as well as his loyalty to his crew members and family, is constantly threatened by many obstacles along his journey, with things like temptation and greed. Book 10 begins with Aeolus giving Odysseus a sack of winds that will blow him home, telling him to keep it closed or else they will return to his island. Odysseus,…

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  • The Odyliad: The Roles Of Women In The Iliad

    Women in the Iliad Throughout “The Iliad” many women figures were written in the text to explain their roles. The women could have been seen as a non important figure. The women such as Helen, Briseis, Andromache, Athena, and many more, are picked up throughout the story helping the men and starting the battles between them. Men were mostly the main characters in the stories, but the women portray it with them helping men, the ones’ who started the battles between one another, and how women…

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  • The Character Of Odysseus In The Odyssey

    capture how Odysseus’ personality traits and attributes positively affect the hero status he has earned. His courage, wisdom, and intelligence drive his quest to return home to be reunited with his wife Penelope, and son Telemachus. Over the span of twenty years, Odysseus, pushed to the limits physically through battle, uses his will and perseverance to come out a hero. Homer highlights the emotional toll Odysseus faced after losing so many of his men in battle only to masterfully regain his…

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  • Odysseus As An Epic Hero

    not know who did this to Polyphemus, since Odysseus went by the name of “Nohbody”. Later, he placed his men under the sheep to hide them and rode to their freedom this was mentioned in book 9 lines 280-319. Next, he demonstrates his leadership by making the wise choice of guiding his men through Scylla. Circe told him that if they went through Charybdis they had no chance and all of his men would die. But if they went to Scylla, he would lose six men at the least if everything was carried out…

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  • Family Life In Homer's Odyssey

    Family Life as it Exists in The Odyssey In the event that you 've ever been pining to go home, you would understand the yearning for family that Odysseus, Penelope and Telemachus faced in Homer 's " The Odyssey". This is a story that everybody can identify with, as the characters acknowledge the difficulties of managing the world, face to face, separately, yet joined as one in their family profoundly. No obstacles can demoralize them from their definitive objective of reuniting. No enticement…

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  • Dramatic Irony In The Odyssey Analysis

    the characters will find out later on his or her own. Dramatic irony adds an element of suspense and humor to the story. When the readers know something the characters do not, it excites the reader and encourages them to keep reading. There are several examples of dramatic irony in The Odyssey. One of the most prominent is when Odysseus disguises himself as a beggar when he returns back to his home, Ithaca. Odysseus has been away from home for twenty years. He spent ten years fighting in the…

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