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  • Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment 1

    structures solved by the players, could be used to generate an antivirus that would stop an “Aids-like” virus in monkeys. While I wasn’t able to participate in that, biology had become a major interest for me. I started looking up and learning all I could in the field of biology all of my junior and senior year. Then, I learned about CRISPR, a gene editing tool, which could be used to change and replace DNA. Gene editing tools have been around for a while, but CRISPR’s ease of use and efficiency made it more groundbreaking. According to some experts, CRISPR will be used to cure genetic diseases and help us terraform planets. It was that moment I realize where I wanted to go. I wanted to help pave the future and just like my internet password. I plan to get my AS from Grays Harbor College, stay in Aberdeen for a couple years and transfer to big research university. The reason I’m staying in Aberdeen is to try and accumulate funds for my education and not burden my family. If I get enough funds, I would travel to a big university and start majoring in Biology and Computer Science. I would use these 2 majors to get a job at a pharmaceutical company. After working at the company for a period of time, I would branch out and start my own. My company would focus on using CRISPR and gene editing tools to cure and treat previously untreatable diseases.…

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  • 3g Mobile Case Study

    The 3G change allowed wireless customers to use sound, representation and video applications. More than 3G it is possible to watch spilling video and partake in video telephony, though such activities are truly obliged by framework bottlenecks and over-use. The 3G surprise allowed mobile phone customers to use sound, representation and video applications. More than 3G it is possible to watch spilling video and partake in video telephony, but such activities are truly obliged by framework…

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  • Impact Of Technology Revolution In Communication

    According to research done by Elon University School of Communication, “the first innovation of communication was printing press.” The telegraph followed it. In the 1830s, Samuel F. B. Morse invented the telegraph, which is the machine using electricity to deliver messages in code over wires. Then, in 1844, between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland, the first telegraph line was constructed, the first message “What hath God wrought?” was sent by Morse (“1870s-1940s Telephone”). Therefore,…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of AT & T

    global communications provider by acquiring Pacific Telesis Group (1997), Southern New England Telecommunications (1998) and Ameritech Corp. (1999). In 2005, SBC Communications Inc. acquired AT&T Corp., creating the new AT&T. With the merger of AT&T and BellSouth in 2006, and the consolidated ownership of Cingular Wireless and YELLOWPAGES.COM, AT&T is positioned to lead our industry in one of its most significant transformations since the first telephone more than 130 years ago. One of AT&T’s…

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  • Telecommunication Industry In Nigeria Case Study

    Its main role is to ensure that the private sector participates fully in the telecommunication industry by regulating their activities and processes so that the consumers enjoy fair pricing (“Nigeria- Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations- Statistics and Analyses-BuddeComm”, 2016). The above role has made the NCC to issue licences to private operators in the industry by allowing them to incorporate both fixed lines wireless telephones and analogue mobile phones. In 2003, the famous…

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  • The Impact Of Information Technology On Society

    First is the cell phones. They are made to communicate when one person is far away and the other person contact them. Without them, people will have to find another way to contact them. To do that, (Jacko & Sears, 2003) mentioned a mobile phone businessman tells a story when asked about how you could have invented the hand-held cell phone by looking at customer data. You would be driving down the road and watching people suddenly pull off the road and park their cars to make a phone call. You…

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  • Cave Man's Form Of Communication With Symbols

    day time. Once when I visited her she had it lying in the window because “it needed a charge”. Along with cellphones came text messaging. Text messages have almost completely replaced the act of placing a phone call. Along with text messages came an entire new alphabet and form of communication called “emoji”. Now we can communicate with using the alphabet. You can let someone know you are pleased, sad, angry or happy with punctuation. Does this bring to mind some of the drawing we found…

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  • Explain Why Children Under The Age Of Thirteen Should Not Have Their Own Smartphone

    Children under the age of thirteen should not have their own smartphone. Many kids who receive smartphones get them at too early of an age. Children with these phones can face Cyber-bullying, addiction, privacy issues and mental and physical problems. Some of the children who face these challenges are too young to know how to handle them properly. Once something is on the internet, it is there forever. Fifty-three percent of children receive a smartphone at age six. Too many young kids are…

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  • My Digital Practice Analysis

    Meichen Qian Prof. Amrine 17th Feb Prompt#1 My Digital Practice “Happy Valentine’s day”, the buzzing of my phone reminded me of the just-received text. I know it definitely was sent from my boyfriend although he was just sitting on my left. It is an all-too-familiar scene that we just peck away at our smartphone checking our Facebook feeds or texts. As I called his attention, his head slowly lifted and reluctantly kiss me. Then,…

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  • Background Of The Morse Code

    The Morse Code was invented by Samuel Morse in 1836. It was developed and worked on between 1830s and 1840s. The Morse code is a method of sending messages, that consist of sounds by telegraphs and radio operators. These messages are send through a wire or radio. This system is made up of a series of dashes, dots, short signals, long signals and spaces. These different signs all represent letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other types of symbols. This code was used by the military and…

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