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  • Personal Narrative-A Day At The Beach

    together that didn’t result in a trip to ski patrol or the emergency room. That was rare for us, as you could imagine from the importance the sport has in our family. Falls were common, just as common as broken bones. Backcountry skiing was a special kind of favorite in our family. Ask anyone, hands down it would be heli skiing in the backcountry frosted mountains. My dad would take me on heli trips whenever there was an extra spot on the helicopter. Each time my insides would do a happy dance when I heard, “Hey Kels, free for a heli this week?” It became a casual dinner question in a sense. My mom, not so much a fan. She had experienced a bad heli drop a few years back and watched her close friends become seriously injured. It’s fairly common to watch people you practice with daily get seriously injured or worse, die. It’s part of the lifestyle. Some even argue professional skiers have different ways of thinking and rationalizing. Adrenaline stimulates the brain and feeds the body, it’s how many skiers are able to tackle crazy new tricks. It 's another reason why so many people don 't understand the passion behind a dangerous sport partaking in cold weather. For the longest time I couldn’t understand why the one incident almost ended heli skiing for my mother until I personally experienced what she did. Only worse.…

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  • Community Improvements

    new efficient snow making equipment with less loss and energy use, and enhancement of some hiking trails (Henderson, 2016). In this sense, Skinner, coming back to the neighbors with revisions and attempting to meet their concerns is a way of him trying to create community; trying to build the bridges that exist between the two lines. He is using social cohesion which is “critical for societies to prosper economically and for development to be sustainable” (Estates, n.d.). Is it possible for…

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  • Case Study Of Break Points: Cycle Meets Snow With Snogo

    slope with snow bikeIt’s a blue bird day—sun shining, no clouds in sight—and the snow beneath your blades is like satin. You got first chair and are ready to feel the wind up against your jacket. But there’s no need to strap in or grab your poles. Instead, you grab the handle bars and push off, cruising on the three “skis” of Snogo, a new downhill snow bike due to hit the market in early 2016. “I wouldn’t be on the mountain if it wasn’t for ski bikes,” says Obed Marrder, founder of Snogo, which…

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  • The Great Pleasure Project Analysis

    In the article “The Great Pleasure Project” on SkiMag, Tim Neville writes about his trip to North Korea for its newly opened ski resort. Neville is taking the risky, yet a worthwhile journey into the land of mystery covered in media stereotypes. Utilizing contrast and contradiction, the author writes about nothing that could be called pleasurable and so little about skiing to defy what the readers will be expecting. Seeing the article, SkiMag followers and fans of travel writing are looking…

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  • Skeleton Racing Research Paper

    “Skeleton racing involves plummeting head-first down a steep and treacherous ice track on a tiny sled. It is considered the world’s first sliding sport” (“Skeleton”). The current definition, which is widely accepted, brings into question the validity of some olympic events being called olympic sports. The definition also needs to change due to the nature of language, which is that it changes. The current definition of a sport needs to be changed to better capture the essence of what a sport is. …

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Colorado

    In January of last year I went on a trip to Colorado on a "college visit" with a friend and my father to University of Colorado Boulder. We left Wednesday night, skipping school both Thursday and Friday. We did go to the college and took a tour of the campus on Thursday which I greatly enjoyed, it is beautiful out there and at elevation there is very little humidity. The true intention of the trip, as important as the college visit was, was to go to Breckenridge Resort and spend the weekend…

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  • Mammoth Lakes Advantages And Disadvantages

    the tougher places to fish due to widespread effects of the drought, but big fish are still around. Most of the fish in these two location are wild which is preferred, but they are a little bit trickier to catch. Mammoth Creek is another popular spot to fish. The Department of Fish and Game stock this creek regularly with brown trout and rainbow trout, making it a sure fire place to catch something. There are also plenty of local tackle shops that can help with rigging, bait, and knowledge of…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To Arizona

    On September 4th, 15 years ago, I was born. I was born in Duluth, Minnesota and lived in Superior. After living there for 5 years, I moved to Arizona. I lived in Arizona for 3 months. My family realized the weather was just too hot, so we moved back to Hermantown. I've lived here since. I like living in Hermantown way better than Arizona because I like snow and snowmobiling. Some of my hobbies include lacrosse, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, and shooting my bow. In the winter, when the…

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  • Copper Mountain: A Short Story

    The chilly breeze grew stronger into gusts as I gradually made my way to the top of Copper Mountain on a midsummer day. It was afternoon when I finally reached the top of the humongous mountain. I hopped off the lift that had brought me all this way and I snatched my bike off the next chair coming by, scared I would miss it. My twin sister Abby, my older brother Dylan, my dad, and my Uncle Tim all came along on this adventure on the monstrous mountain. We hopped on our bikes and headed down the…

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  • Speech About Snowboarding

    Have you ever tried snowboarding? If you have,then great,but if you haven’t,these are some reasons why you should AT LEAST try it. Why not?The chance of getting hurt is 2-4/1000 each day.And, some of the most skilled people of the world (at anything) had to take the risk of actually trying it a first time and pushing through with it. Finally,don’t try once and quit.You have to push to get better at anything,including snowboarding. Why should you try?Snowboarding is a awesome,cool,fun sport.It…

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