Personal Narrative-A Day At The Beach

When the leaves have just about taken over the ground with a fiery, warm essence, I know it’s time I allow myself to indulge. The season is just around the corner, so it’s not torture to watch todays New Schooler’s post, “Nick Keefer: No Chimneys in PC” or “Skiing’s Baddest Bitch Joins Virtika”. It’s finally a measurable time before the air begins to flutter down white flakes of comfort. There is something so peaceful about winter that many people seem to just not understand. Ok, yes. It can be brutally chilling when you step outside into the -4 degree morning air, but that’s why you don’t wake up before the sun has fully risen and warmed the surface. The temperature will be slightly more forgiving at 10am, a whopping 10 degrees freezing. Winter has a special place in my heart making it easier to compromise with chilled …show more content…
Nothing too out of the ordinary,except the fireplace that is. It was like no other, beautiful stone surrounded the modern gas fireplace, with floor to ceiling glass windows to the left. Exposing a beautiful view of the mountains. The living room was a warm, cozy room that always smelled like cinnamon and spice. We lived within walking distance to the mountain that only enabled our addiction. Our town wasn’t like other ski towns, normally the off season turns into ghost season, we stayed populated all year round. If you were to ask my parents which place held the best memories, I think it’s safe to say we would agree on Switzerland. The views were rigid and mysterious. Some of the most breathtaking moments have been standing at the peak of Zermatt resort, embracing 360 degrees of pure beauty. Switzerland was also the first family trip we all took together that didn’t result in a trip to ski patrol or the emergency room. That was rare for us, as you could imagine from the importance the sport has in our family. Falls were common, just as common as broken

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