The Manipulation Of Macbeth In William Shakespeare's Play

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Imagine someone pushes a snowball down a hill as it rolls down the steep hill someone else give it an extra push. Who's fault is it when the snowball, massive in size, hits a pedestrian and injures them? The one who initially pushed the snowball down the hill or the one who gave it the extra push? This is what happens in Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, the witches gave the initial push to Macbeth while Lady Macbeth gave an extra push all leading to the murder of many. Before all of this, Macbeth fought brutally for the side of Scotland but it was for his country and perfectly fine but this all changed when he was given the news of his fate from the witches, he would be King of Scotland. This great future created a ball of murderous thoughts starting to roll down the hill when Lady Macbeth gave an extra push for his ideas of murder. Macbeth's good ambitions were replaced by greed and paranoia all controlled by the sick witches. The weird witches in Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, are in control of the events that occur as seen though their manipulation of Macbeth’s mind ultimately changing his benign ambitions to evil plans. The witches show their control when they place evil plans in …show more content…
In reality Lady Macbeth is not responsible for Macbeth killing Duncan and other murderous actions following. The witches originally planted this idea of king in his head and he was on the path of murder the witches planned without Lady Macbeth's push. It is clear the witches were controlling Macbeth's fate when they talked with the goddess of witchcraft, Hecate, “This night I’ll spend Unto a dismal and a fatal end.” (Act 3 Scene 5). Hecate explained that she will work to make Macbeth's fate filled with tricks and illusions to mess with his mind to his eventual death. The witches are the ones controlling Macbeth's actions to show their power in messing with the fate of

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