Why Did Macbeth Want To Be King

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Landy Andrianjafy
Mrs. Delhove
British Literature
11 December 2015
Why was Macbeth a Horrendous King?
Macbeth is a British classic tragedy written by William Shakespeare. This play involves treason and how it is committed. Another theme that is mentioned is how ambition may lead to other problems. Macbeth is the story about a “valiant” (I.ii.24) Scottish General whose life changed when he met three witches when they predicted his future. His darkest side is encouraged when he meets these three sisters who predicted that he will become king and his wife that encourages him to commit murder. Throughout the play there are numerous symbols and themes. The main character, Macbeth, made choices that he could not avoid, he was easily influenced and
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Macbeth was not sure of everything and who was really there to help him on decisions. He did not know who was by his side to guide him through the process. First, Macbeth was influenced by the three witches, who made Macbeth more determined to become king. However they made Macbeth bring out his deepest and darkest side. In the play, the witches never mentioned that Macbeth had to kill to become king, he has decided by himself that killing Duncan was the only way to be crowned. Someone who also influenced Macbeth was his wife, Lady Macbeth. She has initiated Macbeth to become a murder. Lady Macbeth used Macbeth’s masculinity against him and called him a coward. Hearing these words, Macbeth was offended and knew he had to take action to not embarrass himself in front of his wife. Since being influenced by his wife, Macbeth has had his friend and a family killed. Being an influential person makes you seem weak and lead a king to take the wrong path. Macbeth was influenced by people and his own …show more content…
When killing Duncan it was for his wife and himself. Not only did his wife tell him that it was what was good, but he was convinced that he had the supernatural alongside of him, and that no harm could be done to the new king. Macbeth was scared that the witches prophecy would come true, that Duncan’s son would become king, so he had Duncan and his son murdered. “Know Banquo is your enemy,” says Macbeth (III.i. 117), this is when Macbeth tells the murderers that Banquo is their enemy, “ thy soul’s flight, If it find heaven, must find heaven tonight,” (III.ii.45-46) and that his soul shall go to heaven tonight, this quote is when Macbeth says that Banquo shall die no later than that same night. Further on in the play the king has Macduff’s family killed. “Time, thou anticipatest my dread exploits: The flighty purpose never is o'ertook Unless the deed go with it; from this moment The very firstlings of my heart shall be The firstlings of my hand. And even now, To crown my thoughts with acts, be it thought and done: The castle of Macduff I will surprise; Seize upon Fife; give to the edge o' the sword His wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls That trace him in his line. No boasting like a fool; This deed I'll do before this purpose cool. But no more sights!—Where are these gentlemen?” (IV.i.144-156). This excerpt describes what Macbeth has decided to do when

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