Macbeth Bully Quotes

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Kirkland Robins
Ms Nelson
7 February 2017
The Tragedy of a Bully
A bully is someone who lacks social skills. Bullies have certain characteristics that set them apart from others. MacBeth showcases some of these characteristics. He shows frequently throughout the play that he has repeated negative behavior, threatens people, and puts the blame on others. Macbeth fits the characteristics of a bully and here’s how.
Macbeth’s repeated behavior was that he likes to persistently attack the same person so that he can cause them the utmost despair. He also murdered people in the highest positions possible. An example of this is in Act 2, when Macbeth killed King Duncan. Duncan was the king of Scotland and MacBeth murdered him because of his greed for power. He was greedy for power when the witches prophesize he would become king in Act 1. Then in Act 3, he killed the king’s guards and Macduff's family. In addition to this, Macbeth also had the murderers kill Banquo. Yet, his reign of terror did not stop there.
Macbeth used intimidation tactics to put fear into his soldiers so they would do what he says. This is similar to today’s modern day bully
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She insulted him by calling him names such as coward, “...And live a coward in thine own self esteem “ she says. Lady Macbeth used her words to pressure Macbeth into killing Duncan in order for Macbeth to become king. Lady Macbeth does this by calling his manhood into question, saying “If he was a true man, he would do this.” Lady Macbeth also fits in the cycle of a bully because she persuades Macbeth to commit crimes that he is not sure he wants to do. Many factors were involved in Macbeth's decision to kill Duncan. He had a idea in his head given to him by the three witches and he was extremely ambitious all of these factors contributed his demise in the end and his decision to murder duncan. Macbeth has low self esteem and fell to her

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