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  • Burris Optic Case Study

    eyes open like an EOTech, Aimpoint, or Trijicon reflex sight, but also allowed for precise shot placement on threats on man-sized targets at greater distances. The optic must be tough as nails, simple to use, affordable, and above all else, reliable. Enter the Burris MTAC 1-4x24mm rifle scope. Overview Make no mistake, the MTAC is a combat optic, so if you are looking for fine crosshairs found in F-Class and Benchrest competition circles keep moving. However, if you are in the market for a quality no-nonsense combat optic that does it all then look no further. The MTAC 1-4x24mm riflescope offers superb glare-resistant glass and a sleek, snag-free profile perfect for 3-Gun, CQB, or stalking big game. With its high-performance glass, solid 1-piece 30mm tube, and internal double spring-tension assembly, this MTAC Riflescope can handle the harshest shooting environments without a problem with plenty of money left over! Burris uses aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum prized for its unparalleled strength and durability. The 30mm one-piece tube offers greater strength than the standard its 1 inch competitors which translates into greater internal adjustments and the ability to withstand the worst battlefield conditions an operator might encounter. Size and Weight At 11.3 inches in total length and weighing in at 14.5 ounces, not including Burris’ excellent P.E.P.R. mount, the MTAC isn’t exactly the skinny boy among reflex sights, but when you consider it is only 2 – 5 ounces heavier…

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  • Diverse Classroom Reflection

    partner can hear you, turn back to the front of the room, wait quietly for everyone to finish. Keeping your students excited about learning is important. Having fun activities like a relay race or “turn and talk” breaks up the day and allows the students to unwind while still learning or retaining information. At the end of the day, the students will pack up their bags and wait patiently for their bus number to be called for dismissal. During this time, students can talk with friends quietly,…

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  • What Is A Frightening Story

    bedroom, to place pillows, stuffed animals, and balls underneath my bed sheets to make it look like I was sleeping. As I was returning to the dinner table I started to walk slower and put on a grimacing face, next to wrapping my arms around my stomach in hopes to look as if I’m sick. My grandma said in a sweet caring voice, putting her arm around my shoulder, “oh darling, you don 't look so well.” My mother added with an concerning yet suspicious face, “are you alright?” I replied with, “I…

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  • Effective Reading Proposal

    I have often thought of studying effective reading strategies that would benefit my students with DS. I am familiar with the sight word and phonetic approaches; however, I hope to target my research on a specific method that I can easily implement. This research helped me address my research question: “How can I effectively teach children with DS to read and what method can I employ?” I discovered that I can teach the Oelwein’s “top-down” literacy method that begins with meaningful sight word…

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  • Sacrificial Scapegoat In Oedipus Analysis

    sacrificial scapegoat. In order to understand Jung's theory of archetypes, the reader must first have an understanding of the reasoning behind them. Carl G. Jung explains the conscious mind by dividing it into three different psyches: the ego, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious. The ego is simply Jung's interpretation of the conscious mind. The personal unconscious is anything that is not presently conscious, but can be. The collective unconscious is a reservoir of…

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  • The Themes Of Love In The Courtship Of Benedick, And Nothing

    Exploring Love in Much Ado About Nothing In Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare depicts different kinds of loving relationships - romantic love, family support and loyal friendship - and shows how various characters react to love and marriage. By exploring the effects of this powerful emotion Shakespeare highlights its universal relevance, a relevance that transcends time. The main plot of Much Ado About Nothing is that of the relationship between Claudio and Hero. Their story is a…

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  • Jfk Assassination Conspiracy Theories Essay

    Evidence It can only be imagined that in the pivotal moment of the shot being fired, shock and awe resounded in the immediate moments after. Trying to determine who was shooting, and where the shots came from became a priority. Secret Service and other law enforcement officials scrambled to find answers. A break in the case came when they found a rifle propped in the corner of a book depository and three spent casings scattered on the floor ( Texas A&M University, 2007). A most valuable…

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  • How To Kill Jfk Assassination Essay

    Burkley, the kennedy 's personal doctor, who was in the emergency room at the parkland hospital in Dallas and at the autopsy in Bethesda Naval Hospital, the back wound was at the third thoracic vertebra, which is right above the collar of the shirt. Governor Connally 's wife and the police motorcyclist, both claim that connally’s back wound was caused by a completely separate bullet. The Zapruder film shows kennedy emerging from behind a road sign with his hands on his throat, but the governor…

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  • The Heliocentric Model: The Geocentric Theory In Ancient Greece

    Motion of Mars In relation to geocentrism, Mars on an epicycle would interfere with the deferent circle surrounding earth. It appears that it is moving backward because the epicycle rotates faster than it orbits earth. The eastward motion of Mars is enhanced when the motion of the planet on the epicycle intersects the motion along the deferent in the same direction. It appears to loop back when the motion along the epicycle opposes with the movement of the deferent (positions 3 – 5).…

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