What Is A Frightening Story

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“The cold darkness of the clouds were in the sky, when all of a sudden the eyes of hundreds of animals were laid upon my body as I began to run.”

“Stop!” yelled my mother as I was just finishing telling my little brother a frightening story, explaining how if he didn 't do my chores for the rest of week, he would be put in an evil forest filled with beastly creatures.

I believed it worked as I could see goose bumps on my 6-year-old brothers arms and legs, along with him instantly running to go unload the dishwasher for me.

My mother, with her arms crossed, came over to me and said, “don 't ever scare Josh like that again Jake. He’s only six years old and shouldn 't be listening to horrifying stories to wander his child-like mind”. With
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I had planned to finish my homework early because later on I was going to hangout at my friend’s house with all of my friends. I was as happy as a dog with a bone, until I found out that my mother unexpectedly made plans for my grandparents to come over tonight for dinner. This I assumed was payback for worrying Josh, as she wouldn 't let me go hangout. Although she said I wasn 't allowed to go out, that wasn 't stopping me, with me already thinking of ways to sneak out. After 5 minutes of brainstorming I had finally come up with the perfect plan of how to sneak out. My friends Emily, Katrina, Tom and I were going to meet at 7:30pm which was 45 minutes after my grandparents arrived, leaving me with a big window of …show more content…
The ladies started to get frightened from the darkness and noise of the animals throughout the forest. The wind swaying the trees back and forth, started to confuse us on which way we came, as all the trees were unrecognizable. With that we began to walk north, but shortly realized that we weren’t headed in the right direction. Goosebumps surrounded my body and my arms and legs got colder and colder as the night went on. It couldn 't have been worse until it started to rain with the mud on the ground spitting up, getting my clothes all dirty. Us four in desperation to find a sign decided to split up into twos with me going with Katrina, and Tom with Emily. We were to leave branches and behind us in case we find a way out to contact the others. In this moment feeling worried and my stomach was aching as I was regretting sneaking out, and wished that I ‘d listened to my mother. We were walking along when all of a sudden we heard screams in the distance as we dashed to the nearest tree to hide. With little to no hope of finding our way out of the forest, we panicked and started to save our energy and sat down on a rock under a tree leaving only dribbles of the pounding rain to pile on us. Two minutes later I had to go to the washroom and said to Katrina “Stay where you are, ill be back in a

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