Fernando Monologue

I was over ecstatic when Fernando, (also known as Fernie) my best guy friend asked me to go on a walking adventure with him in our hometown of Kelseyville, California. We started off the day by walking in the forest alongside of Kelsey Creek. This forest has a really big meaning to Fernie and I, because we both love nature in every aspect and these walking adventures are not uncommon to us. Starting on the path we both got lost in our own thoughts, I got distracted by looking above me at the the canopy the tree branches created. My eyes followed the patterns the sunlight was creating as it broke through the leaves and cascaded onto the uneven forest floor. The patterns almost seemed like they were dancing due to the gentle breeze that surrounded …show more content…
All that was gone now, my heart clenched when I saw the wooden swing cracked and discolored trapped under the dead immense tree. The tree itself looked just very worned out, you could tell it had seen a lot through it’s life. The once rustic brown it held now a burnt black and gray, I couldn't help but to think that this had been the perfect symbol of the end of our “childhood”, the tree had seemed to had fallen months ago, and we just saw it. I felt sadden at the thought that we hadn’t been able to go back to it as much as we all used to, people moved away, and got very busy in trying to make it to adulthood. A hand on my shoulder brought me out of my deep thoughts, looking back to Fernie with tear filled eyes, I was shocked to see Fernie held the same expression. We shared sad smiles as we bid goodbye to the beloved tree. We walked about a mile up the path when we finally decided to take a food break. We spread out the blanket and laid on it looking up at the same canopy of branches above us, the only noise heard now is the running creek and the beautiful soundtrack the forest makes. The chirps coming from various different bird almost seem to synch together in perfect harmony, the other random noises like a falling branch or a yelp was it’s bassline. Everything working together to make a beautiful song. I close my eyes to take it all in, I could hear the smallest chirp and tweet, to the little scapers of feet on the branch and twig filled floor. I find myself getting lost in the song, a feeling of complete serenity feeling me up. Soon we were back on the trail around us was towering trees and splashes of color from the wide variety of plant life. The rich smell of damp dirt and bark fills my nose, this scent calms my mind, ahead a hint of vibrant color, among the dark greens, dirty

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