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  • Mental Health Care: Case Study

    Does the client have the right to access their record/chart/files? Patient records in custody of individual health care Providers in statute, C.R.S. § 25-1-802. Yes, Clients receiving mental health counseling are allowed access to their records, although this does not include the counselor’s personal notes or any information that could be harmful to the client. If so, how? Client Access, (ACA, 2014, B.6.e.) The client only needs to make a reasonable request. The client is allowed access to their records, although, the client must be competent. All access should be documented. What are the necessary procedures they need to follow? Assistance with Records, (ACA, 2014, B.6.f.) When a client requests their mental health records, the counselor or therapist should assist them in order to avoid misunderstanding of the interpretation of the records. Section #3: Limits to confidentiality. What are the limits to confidentiality in your state? Persons…

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  • Gerald Caplan's Consultation Model Of Consultations

    Overview of Consultation Per Erchul (2009) Gerald Caplan created a consultation model for use in counseling and mental health. Caplan’s definition of consultation included individual and groups coming together help one another for the greater good of the client. Caplan recognized the need for equality between the two experts: counselor and counselee (Erchul, 2009). Moreover, Caplan envisioned consultation to include teachers, clergy and other community professionals to better serve the…

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  • Benefit Of Technology In Counselling

    Telephone services are more flexible with the use of cellular technology. Many cellular phones come equipped with web browsers, email services, text messaging software, and video conferencing applications. Technology allows us to connect with others almost any place we go. Laptops and desktop computers can also be used for these same functions. These are the functions that we consider when we examine the role of technology in counselling. With the rapid expansion of technology-assisted…

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  • Analysis Of John Krumboltz's Social Learning Theory

    is that of planned happenstance. This means that the client takes action on their curiosity, and in turn creates chance events. By becoming receptive to these chances, new opportunities have the freedom to unfold. Applying this theory to Katie’s career goals, a few areas need to be explored; her task approach skills, cognitive and behavioral skills and planned happenstance. One of the primary goals is to identify Katie’s task approach skills. Clarifying her goals, and values,…

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  • Neukrug In Characteristics Of The Effective Helper

    on counselor effectiveness. Since I am at the very beginning of my counseling journey, it is my duty to dive deep into myself so I can transition my strengths and weaknesses as an individual and apply them into a professional helping role. According to my self-confidences, and what peers have expressed to me, I believe my strengths to lie within empathy, acceptance and open-mindedness. On the other hand, my weaknesses seem to be genuineness and competence. To start with, empathy comes fairly…

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  • My Strengths And Limitations

    I am open to different opinions and empathic to my clients’ feelings. 3. I am passionate about mental health counseling and am positive to learn knowledge and skills of counseling. Two areas where my skills need improvement are… 1. Culture: As a newcomer to Philadelphia, I need to be educated about the local culture and improve my capability of dealing with cultural diversity. 2. Theoretical orientation: I need to know more insights on different theoretical orientations and gain more…

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  • Effective Counseling

    Characteristics and Behaviors of Effective Counseling On the journey to becoming a clinical mental health counselor, students face many challenges. One such challenge is in establishing a relationship/rapport with each client in a manner that is non-judgmental, supportive, and healing directed (Cooper, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to apply the concepts presented in the course textbook (Erford, 2014), as well as those in supplemental readings, to a fictional scenario provided in the…

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  • Ethical Obligation: A Case Study

    2.2) Ethical obligations VS Legal obligations Therapists/counsellors often times practice in private with little oversight. And so the counsellors must seek additional training, education and supervision to uphold the trust given to them by the public. Ethical standards are mostly devised by an organisation to usher the behaviour of certain professionals in specific directions. Laws however are more dictatorial than ethical standards set by an organisation carry much greater penalties if they…

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  • Counseling Career Choices: Career Analysis

    Work Settings One of the counseling career choices that have really intrigued me is becoming a marriage and family counselor. This area is where I feel most drawn to and feel the most passion. I would like to become a therapist for a private practice and later on after building clientele, open my own practice. This kind of career requires an undergraduate, usually in counseling, psychology, or sociology, a Master’s degree in counseling, two years of post-graduate work that is supervised…

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  • Identity Development Case Study

    The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the case of Liliana, Raj, and Cherie. Each of these individuals is experiencing issues in race, ethnicity, language, gender, immigration and religion. The focus of this assignment is to explain these problems from a clinical perspective and how they influence these individuals lives and perceptions. Since each case presents a different scenario, there would be different questions that a therapist would ask to gain more insight. These questions will be…

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