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  • Importance Of Telescope

    Pisa, Galileo Galilei. This invention can make far objects appear closer when viewed through one end of its long pipe. It was a telescope. The telescope’s iconic value is suitable. It was earth-shaking in its day and continues to be so today. In august of 1609, four hundred years ago, there was a math professor from the University of Padua in Italy called Galileo Galilei. He changed and transformed the world…

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  • Slide Motion Lab Report

    Slide Motion Describe the movement of the slide as you move the slide toward/ away from you. Describe the movement of the slide as you move the slide from side to side. Looking at the slide, when the slide moves toward me, the image would seem to move away. Vice versa when the slide moves away, it would come towards me. Similarly, when the slide was moved from right to left, the image would go to the opposite side. So going right the image would seem to go left, and when the slide was moved to…

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  • Lab Report Compound Light Microscope

    Purpose: Observe a compound light microscope to learn the names of its major parts. Research: Microscope is an essential tool for the study of small structures such as cells. The most common type of microscope is the bright-field microscope, used for this purpose is the compound light microscope, it is called compound because it uses two sets of lenses the objective and the ocular. The ocular lens usually magnifies 10x. …

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  • The Hubble Telescope Essay

    The Hubble telescope is a telescope named after famous astronomer Edwin Hubble. It orbits in space 380 miles above Earth’s surface, traveling 5 miles per second, finishing an orbit around Earth in 97 minutes. Hubble takes sharp images of space without looking at Earth’s atmosphere, which blurs pictures due to the atmosphere being constantly in motion. The telescope is 2.4 meters in length and has mirrors 94 inches in diameter. Some celestial objects that Hubble takes images of are stars and…

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  • Kepler Telescope Essay

    The Kepler Telescope main instrument is a photometer. This instrument measures the brightness of stars within its field of view. Data is then gathered and analyzed to detect any variations or deviations of light which is caused by the transits of plants of host stars. These dips in light help in detecting planets in "Habitable Zones". Gliese-581g The planet Gliese 581g is one of six possible planets in the constellation Libra. This exoplanet was discovered in late September 2010. The main reason…

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  • Isaac Newton Telescope

    Isaac Newton started working in the optics field in 1666. Then he taught at Cambridge university. He started refracting light to produce a multicolor spectrum, that you can reverse back into a light with another prism. As an outcome in his analysis, he began to speculate color is the outcome of items connecting with previously colored light. instead of items developing color on their own, that is acknowledged as "Newton's theory of color." he also finished the refracting telescope lens will…

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  • Hans Lippershey: The Invention Of The Telescope

    Science, Technology & Society (STS) analysis, an invention. Which is the Telescope, I have chose this invention because i have a interest in Astronomy History. One of the earliest known working telescope appeared in the year of 1608, this is invented by a smart guy named Hans Lippershey. Hans was a spectacle maker, was also known as Johann Lippershey or also was just sometimes called Lippershey. He was born in Germany Wesel, in the year of 1570. Sadly passed away in September 1619. He was a lens…

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  • The Telescope Effect By Shankar Vedantam

    Shankar Vedantam explains the effects of the unconscious brain in his article the Telescope Effect, and how it affects our actions and emotions when it comes to solving world problems. He starts by telling the story of a cruise ship that catches fire hundreds of miles south of Hawaii’s big island. the crew is eventually rescued but the captain’s little Jack Russel mixed terrier named Hokget is left behind. Vedantam then goes on to explain how the news of Hokget begins to spread and a search and…

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  • The Kepler Spacecraft: The Huble Space Telescope

    when the planet passes in front of its parent star without some type of space telescope. Thus, in March 2009, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), launched the Kepler spacecraft. The primary mission of this new instrument was to investigate the diversity and structure of planetary systems. The spacecraft moves in a slightly slower, Earth-trailing orbit in order to ensure that it did not interfere with the region of the sky it was observing. The success of the Kepler has…

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  • Black Holes Research Papers

    universe instead of the earlier believed geocentric model. Humans have also been able to observe never before seen phenomena such as the effects of black holes. The national aeronautics and space administration (NASA) are responsible for many of the advances in electromagnetic detection technology advances and intern responsible for many of the discoveries. The first ever telescope was made in 1610 by the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei within his first year of observation he had discovered…

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