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  • Edwin Hubble: A Brief Biography

    My definition of honor is, the ability to stand up for what's right when no one else will. Many other people like to use the dictionaries term which is high respect or regard for someone or something. Edwin Hubble isn't what I would call honorable, but he was one of the best astronomists mankind has ever had. Edwin Edwin was born in Missouri in 1889, the son of an insurance agent, and moved to Chicago almost nine years later. He was a very popular student in his school, he was ever smart student…

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  • How Did Galileo's Influence His Work?

    Galileo Galilei, known by his first name Galileo, was a mathematician and astronomer, born in Pisa, Italy, in 1564. He credited with the development of the nautical spyglass into the telescope which enabled him to observe the universe as no one had before. This advancement allowed him gather evidence for, arguably, the most controversial idea of his time, heliocentrism, or the astronomical model in which the sun is the center of our solar system. Consequently, He was accused of heresy by the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interest In Space

    At seven years old, I was awestruck by the universe on the big movie screen. Star Wars had me hooked; I NEEDED a telescope so I could learn about what lies beyond the sky I see at night. My parents bought the telescope I yearned for and helped me look at the moon on clear nights. Together we watched shuttle launches on television and read about expeditions online. A few years later, they took me to see a shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral. We arrived just before launch because the visitor’s center…

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  • How Did Galileo Change The View Of The People

    Galileo proved this theory by taking the telescope and making and making a few changes to this. Yes any other person could have done this but they didn’t. It was Galileo. This is why they named the telescope after him. He made many discoveries such as, how the moon isn’t a perfect circle but how there are divots in its crust, how all the planets in the solar system revolve…

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  • Stars Compare And Contrast

    Laying on the fresh cut grass of your lawn, you watch the sun sink behind the mountains as day subtly fades into night. There is always a minute of darkness as the city holds its breath. No street lights. No cars. Just you and the sky and… the faint glow of a star. Seeing the first star that night, you make a wish and remember the first time you saw one. You still wonder what that speck of light is—How it got to be up there, why it sometimes is so bright and other times so faint, and how it…

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  • American Space Exploration Essay

    purification systems, sensors to test for hazardous gases, energy-saving building materials, and fire-resistant fabrics. When the Hubble telescope was launched in 1990, a flaw in the design of its optics produced blurry images. Three years later NASA was able to install corrective lenses and fix the flaw. During the meantime, astrophysicists at Baltimore 's Space Telescope Science Institute realized the hazy images Hubble created were similar to the ones doctors produced when using mammograms.…

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  • Contributions Of Galileo Galilei

    His improvements of the spyglass lead him to build the telescope, which let him observe “the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, the phases of Venus, sunspots and lunar surface” ( Staff). His discovery of the phases of Venus supported that planets orbit around the sun and his observation of the moons…

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  • Penumbra And Solar Eclipses

    commonly used, a filtered telescope, or the pinhole projection method. Eclipse glasses are industrial strength, making them stronger than most welder goggles. Most of them in Shade 14 filters, as Shade 13 filters are hard to find and Shade 12 filters make the sun too bright for most people. Filtered telescopes have special covers much like the material for eclipse glasses. Without the filter the light from the sun will directly hit your eye and likely start a fire within your telescope. Pinhole…

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  • Personal Statement Of Purpose To Become An Astronomerist

    Imagine if one didn’t know what the universe contained. What if the simplest knowledge of what the sparkling objects in the night sky are wasn’t known, or that earth rotates around the sun, not the other way around. If facts like these weren’t known, people would have a great fear of the unknown. Imagine how people would think of the universe. Without astronomers the known would still be part of the unknown. Astronomers have a very unique job description that includes the study of stars, planets…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Field Trip To Chabot

    to new adventures and memories, and combined with my passions, it eventually led me to Chabot Space and Science Center. Driving up the windy hills and past the redwood trees for my first field trip in fourth grade, the magnificent sight of grand telescopes overwhelmed me once my class arrived at Chabot. At each exhibit, I felt like an explorer in space where I could do anything from walking on the moon to discovering another planet with life. As time flew by, I continued visiting Chabot with my…

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