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  • Slide Motion Lab Report

    finished Briefly describe how the microscope should be left when you have completed your use (returned to its resting state). Once finished turn the nose piece to the lowest magnification (lowest objective lens). Use coarse adjustment knob to lower stage as low as possible. Remove slide, clean lens if they became dirty and clean any debris off from stage. Make sure the stage clips are moved all the way to the right and the stage is moved all the way back or (flushed) to the front. Turn the light to the lowest light intensity and turn off. Unplug and wrap the cord on the back. If cover is available place over the microscope, now it is properly set back to rest. Lens Designations Briefly describe the information in the numbers on the objective lenses. There are four different numbers on the objective lens for example 40/0.70 and 160/0.16. The 40 is the type of magnification in this case being 40x, it will vary depending on which objective lens you are using. The 0.70 is the numeric aperture (NA) and it will determine resolving power of the objective lens. The 160 is a measurement in millimeters of the ocular tube length. The last number the 0.16 is the maximum coverslip thickness in millimeters that should be used with that objective.…

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  • Microscope Lab Report

    Lab Five: Microscope and Simple Staining Introduction A microscope is a tool to examine enlarges image of small objects that are hard to study with the naked eyes. The light microscope, which was used in this lab experiment, is an instrument with two lenses and various knobs to focus the image. We will learn about the proper way to use and handle the microscope. Microorganisms are measured with an ocular micrometer, which is inserted into one of the microscope eyepiece. Micrometer serves as a…

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  • Contact Lenses

    Nowadays, there are around 6 out of 10 people wear glasses or contact lenses in developed countries, and roughly there are 71 million people wear contact lenses. This helps to improve their daily lives greatly, since there are many tasks that require good vision. And contact lenses enable people to have clear vision without going through all the problems that eyeglasses bring. Contact lenses have two main advantages over glasses, sports and cosmetic. The reason that it helps in sports is…

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  • Cultural Lenses In America

    Cultural lenses Hamza lalami - doesn’t really sound like an “american” name now does it? Which is probably why I get asked where I’m from quite often when I introduce myself as myself. So let me formally introduce myself. I am Hamza lalami, which doesn’t really sound the way you just read it, but for simplicities sake lets keep it as such. I was born in New Jersey and raised by my Moroccan born parents here for the majority of my life. And yes. I have been to Morocco dozens of time, I actually…

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  • Essay On Halloween Contacts Lenses

    Special Effects of Halloween contacts lenses On Halloween, the party and holiday lovers dress up with some unique costumes. They try their best to look the best and for this, they spend lots of money on their dresses. However, when they ready for the occasion, something is always missing due to which they are not able to look perfect in their costumes. What may be the missing thing? The answer is very simple; they are the eyes which don’t match the dress. Due to the eyes the beauty of your dress…

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  • ODI Lenses Case Study

    cause birds to eat less and easier to handle. Then, medical specialist asked to afflict the rest of the flock instead of asked for cure. ODI Lens was the first product to reduce 50% the cannibalism over debeaking. Birds using ODI lenses has its vision reduced enough to obtain the good behavior, making partially blind the chickens. In terms of appealing: First, ODI lenses provides reduction in the flock mortality around 4.5%, and affects their appetites, their cannibalistic tendencies. In…

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  • Gay Lense Sedgwick Summary

    Using humor, Sedgwick seeks to explain society’s avoidance of seeing gay tendencies in writing and how it affects the reading of a text. When studying a text through a gay lense questions are asked as if the author was gay. She clearly seeks to explain that a gay writer is just the same as a heterosexual writer-- they just simply exist; there isn’t a need to read through a gay lense because that’s the one the book was created under. The ideas that readers tend to create of the writers often…

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  • Gender And Historical Lenses In The Tragedy Of Macbeth

    Macbeth Lenses “Fair is foul and foul is fair.” This is just one of the many famous quotes from the play, The Tragedy of Macbeth. The quote means things are never as they should be. The story revolves around this single idea. It is what the reader can look for in many places in the play and find. Having a single idea helps the reader relate everything back to one central theme. The play gives many views throughout the play using this idea. When looking at Macbeth, some of the lenses I saw…

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  • Hard To Wear Contact Lenses Essay

    Contact lenses for hard-to-fit eyes Have you ever had trouble when it comes to wearing contact lenses or been told that you simply can’t wear them? Don’t give up just yet as it may just be a case of having what’s known as “hard-to-fit” eyes. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear contact lenses; you just need to know your options. Want to find out a little more? Then read on as we discuss reasons for having hard-to-fit eyes along with a number of possible contact lenses for hard-to-fit eyes. There…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Xen Cinema Lenses

    Xeen cinema lenses: 3 now, 3 more to come Three new cinema lenses, 24, 50 and 85, all at T1.5 are the offer of a new name in the market: Xeen. Another way to say Samyang or Rokinon. Introduced in 2015, the new Xeen lenses for video and cinema are, as the information available suggests, “a masterpiece of design” only possible with the feedback from professional directors of photography. Samyang states they represent, also, the culmination of the company’s expertise in optical engineering. Xeen,…

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