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  • Leonard Peikoff

    With a hard stance for negative rights Leonard Peikoff claims that universal healthcare is not only unjust but immoral. In the article “Healthcare is Not a Right” Peikoff goes on to state that universal healthcare takes away peoples overall rights of freedom. When focusing on the Declaration of Independence Peikoff argues that the only negative rights people have as Americans is the right to have life, property and the pursuit of happiness. This means that the right people are obligated to have are ones they can provide for themselves through hard work. By following these rules of conduct they can earn what they want without taking someone else’s rights away, unless they agree to help on their own accord. Without these rights their freedom…

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  • Objectivism And Diction In Anthem By Ayn Rand

    The edits and revisions of Ayn Rand’s novella, Anthem, strengthen the message that collectivism is oppressive and objectivism is necessary for an individual to function. Rand’s edits of diction and sentence structure assist in developing the meaning of the novella. Ayn Rand, author of the novella Anthem, utilizes diction and sentence structure in order to develop the villainy of collectivism and the virtue of objectivism. Rand’s choice of diction in the edited novella complicates and confuses…

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  • Dystopia In Animal Farm By George Orwell

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” This quote was written by George Orwell in his book Animal Farm, one of Orwell’s most famous novels. Throughout history the subject of a distant dystopia has always been explored in many works of literature. The possibility of humanity falling into a bleak and totalitarian society has always fascinated readers. These stories and themes can come to define an author and their legacy as a writer. There is no greater example of…

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  • Individuality Vs. Conformity In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    In the book Anthem by Ayn Rand, Equality 7-2521 is a young man who struggles to find ways to show his true self because he lives in a society based on conformity. Ayn Rand uses the symbols of the light bulb, the Uncharted Forest, and his new name to demonstrate the conflict of individuality versus conformity in order to demonstrate the importance of individuality and self-discovery. Thus, through the use of these symbols, Ayn Rand is able to integrate the theme of individuality versus conformity…

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  • Ayn Rand Anthem Analysis

    Anthem is a rebellious novella written by a Russian-born American novelist named Ayn Rand. The Novel Anthem is mainly about a young man named Equality 7-2521, who goes against all that he has been taught. Equality discovers information that was being hidden from him by people he had trusted. He identifies himself as “I” instead of “we” standing against all the lies that have been hidden for years. But, by the end of the novel Equality 7-2521 has changed his mind becoming very critical of the…

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  • Analysis Of The Naked Roommate

    Harlan is the writer of the highest selling book to students joining college, The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might keep running Into in College. From landing on grounds to offering a lavatory to 40 outsiders to sharing address takes note of, The Naked Roommate is your first best friend when carrying out a background at EVERYTHING you have to think about school. Beside that, Harlan is an expert speaker who has gone by more than 400 secondary school and school grounds. He is a…

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  • Technology And Depression

    “All of the biggest technological inventions created by man - the airplane, the automobile, and the computer - says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness.” This quote was said by Mark Kennedy an American writer. As this may be a funny quote it is also true. Technology has been growing rapidly over the course of history. We lived in a world where writing letters were the normal thing to do. However, things have changed and people are not the way they use to be. We…

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  • Being A Military Child Essay

    active-duty spouses on a vast amount of quality of life issues. The sample consisted of 36,054 active duty spouses. A total of 11,138 eligible spouses returned usable surveys, which represent an adjusted weighted response rate of 32.7%. The survey concluded that of the children with a deployed parent, there was an increase in problems with sleeping, higher stress levels and anxiety, and maladaptive child behaviors as well as declining grades (Defense Manpower Data Center, 2007). On March 9th,…

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  • Virginia Woolf Professions For Women Analysis

    Virginia Woolf’s “Professions for women” is an essay, but it sounds like a speech. Woolf recalls that when she worked as a journalist, she felt restricted expressing down her real feeling and reviews about men’s writing. When she worked as a novelist then, she also had to worry about if men would be shocked or disagreed with the truth she told. Her own two specific pieces of experiences reveal women’s struggle in today’s society and also try to provide solutions for defending women’s rights.…

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  • The Death Of The Moth By Virginia Woolf

    Death was an ongoing matter during the nineteen forties due to the events of WWII and the holocaust which brought a sense of darkness upon the world as a whole. The thought of despair and desolation was embedded in the mind’s of people as WWII lasted several years. The world witnessed the deadliest wars of all times with the loss of millions of lives. whether it was captured on the news, written in the papers or witnessed in reality, the whole world was alert to it. This brought a gloomy…

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