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  • The Role Of Humanism During The Renaissance

    that all humans had potential and that through studies they could achieve genius. Vergerious believed that through the study of History, Philosophy, and Eloquence a person could learn the highest importance. He thought that from these subjects a person could learn practical lessons from the past, secrets of true freedom, moral worth and fame. Peter Paul’s views on how to change the world were not only understood by him. Leonardo Bruni was another humanist who had ideas on education and that it must be studied for personal growth. Bruni believed that renaissance women needed only some education including Religions/ Theology, Philosophy, and History. He did not agree with women studying Arithmetic, Geometry or Astrology. Bruni stated, “All sources of profitable learning will in due proportion claim your study.” Bruni basically stated studying areas that pertained to humans’ personal growth would indeed allow individuals to reach their potential but, studying subjects that did not pertain to individuals’ lives were useless in a goal of achieving genius. Bruni, therefore, believed people had the ability to achieve genius and that studying would lead to personal growth. Machiavelli, who wrote The Prince, a book on how to obtain political power, believed that History was the one subject that education should be focused on to achieve personal growth. This was his thought because through History humans could acquire knowledge, what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how to…

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  • Renaissance Era Research Paper

    the most diversely talented artist because of this. (Leonardo) Da Vinci created the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Michelangelo was another influential artist of his time. He sculpted the statues Pieta and David, some of his most famous works of art. Two other widely known works of art are the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the Creation of Adam. Michelangelo was influenced by the Greek mythological era and the Christian Religion. The Greek aspects are shown through his sculpting styles, he…

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  • Humanism In The Italian Renaissance

    The Italian Renaissance in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Italy was the upbringing of several new ideas and concepts that many Europeans were not familiar with at the time, as well as the transition from medieval to modern times. As stated by a Swiss historian in the nineteenth-century, the Renaissance was the “prototype of the modern world.” Humanism was introduced and spread by Francesco Petrarch, the “father of humanism,” as well as several other humanists. Platonism was briefly revived,…

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  • Analysis Of Titanic

    joining his past to her future; she takes his step by step rationality and makes it her own. In their smaller than usual dating, they discuss all the exploits he has had - his freewheeling days from the wharf at Santa Monica to Paris - and they want to impart these undertakings together in the future, despite the fact that not one or the other of them presumably accepts they really will: There is no meager characterization in Titanic and a simple return to acting, in my examination of Cal 's…

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  • Life Is Beautiful Film Analysis

    A Jewish father with his wife and son are trapped between the appalling situations of discrimination and fall of a race. La vita è bella (Original title: Life is Beautiful) will certainly leave you in awe once you finish the film. According to IMDB (n.d.), it lavished prestigious awards including three Oscars (1999), one from the Cannes Film Festival (1998), four Italian Golden Globes (1998) and one Grammy Award (2000). The Italian film was directed by Roberto Benigni and was released on 20th…

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  • Summary Of The Play 'A Streetcar Named Desire'

    Rationale This written task relates to part 3: literature- text and context, where we studied the play ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ by Tennessee Williams. The written task is an extra scene added to the end of the play occurring twenty years later and is written in William’s style but with a more modern aspect. This is done to bring to light the transgressions of the antagonist of the play, Stanley Kowalski. The theme of past and present is explored as the characters pasts catch up to them. This…

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  • The Wolf Of Wall Street Crime Analysis

    Drugs, money, and girls are starting to become the trend in Hollywood. With huge hits such as The Wolf of Wall Street with the highly talented Leonardo DiCaprio as the notorious Jordan Belfort. The wolf of Wall Street can be used as a visual to show the different topics we talked about in class. This movie is based off of Jordan Belfort a white collar criminal on the streets of long island. There are many instances where what we discussed in lecture/discussion. Crime is now a big seller at the…

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  • The Bourne Identity: Film Analysis

    The Bourne Identity is an action movie about a man named Jason Bourne, who has been shot, suffered from amnesia, and later been picked up from a fisher boat. He then needs to find out how and why he got shot, who he is, and most importantly, what he is. The movie was directed by Doug Liman, and produced in 2002. Matt Damon is starring as Jason Bourne, Franka Potente as Marie, and Chris Cooper as Conklin. The Bourne Identity is the first of the Jason Bourne movies, the others being The Bourne…

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  • The Revenant Film Analysis

    The main character, Hugh Glass was perfectly cast. He is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Although this is not the usual type of role, DiCaprio gives an anchoring performance of ferocious 200% commitment (Chang, 1). In order for DiCaprio to act in this movie, he had to put in months of hard work and he did whatever it took to accurately portray Hugh Glass. He had to put himself through the harsh conditions and environment that Hugh Glass would have experienced. An example is the scene where…

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  • The Wolf Of Wall Street Movie Essay

    preyed upon by them, like the victims of Stratton Oakmont; and “sheepdogs” are sworn to protect the innocent from their predators, like the FBI agent Patrick Denham (Kyle Chandler) in the film. These three groups of people have their own respective reasoning for their actions, and it all depends on where their moral compasses are pointing to. The Wolf of Wall Street generally received positive reactions, mainly to the actors’ performance and its comedic elements (The Wolf). Jeremy Jahns is a…

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