The Role Of Humanism During The Renaissance

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The Role of Humanism

Humanism began to appear in Italy during the renaissance. Humanists acknowledged human potential and the idea that humans were capable of genius. This was seen in the arts, from the dramatic change in body positioning and body expressions and in the literature, from how people described themselves, to how others were seen and in a common theme of the world’s potential goal. Unlike in medieval times, the idea of uniqueness and self-empowerment were admired. This was largely in Italy because of their governmental system. Italy was divided into city-states and was governed by many different individuals, which allowed for personal intellect. Humanists were what brought Europe out of Feudalism and towards the separation of
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This means that the humanism movement during the Renaissance was actuality extremely successful and for the greater good of the world. The idea of a utopia through all humans achieving genius is not completely accurate because it has never been reached; however, it is not a bad goal to work for. Even if it is unachievable, it is worth striving for. Everyone today is affected by humanism. Everybody studies at school and has the privilege to think individual thoughts and speak their minds because of humanism. Just as Peter Paul Vergerious , explained in his letter to a teacher and member of the nobility, History is a common class every student must, we now learn History from the time they start college to the end of our educations education. The impact of humanism is so vast, simple things like writing a papers and discussing chemical elements in chemistry class are overlooked. I have been impacted by humanism because I can go to school everyday, I can learn and think my own thoughts without someone telling me its wrong or punishing me for thinking a certain way. While going to school and learning may not be seen as a privilege to many it is, because without education things such as the computer, calculator and doctors would be rare or even non

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