Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

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The Seven Psychological Perspectives on “Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?”

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” Most know this quote as an opening for an overused and outdated joke which has a simple answer “to get to the other side”, however, you might be asking yourself the reason as to what was the motivation and the real reason behind why the chicken decided to cross the road, Psychologists ask themselves these same questions. Psychology can be defined as the study of the mind and behavior. Psychologist can break psychology into seven different perspectives that many different scientists influenced, such as, Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow, and many others. In psychology, we can offer solutions to that question of why by using the seven
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This perspective was influenced by and originated from the work of the psychologist Sigmund Freud. Based on this perspective when the chicken came upon the road he remembered that when he was a young chick his family would cross the road so that they could go to the pond that was on the other side. Due to his childhood memories of crossing the road with his family the chicken is able to make a decision to cross the …show more content…
The perspective Behaviorism focuses “on observing and controlling behavior” (OpenStax, 2017 pg. 30). The chicken became hungry and knows that when he is hungry he must eat. On the side of the road that he is on currently there isn’t a good source of food which triggered him to cross the road so that he could get to the more abundant food source on the other side.
The Humanistic perspective was created after psychologists such as, Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, did not like the domination of behaviorism and psychoanalysis in American psychology and wanted a perspective that emphasized the potential for good. “Humanism is a perspective that emphasizes the potential for good that is innate to all humans” (OpenStax, 2017 pg. 13). With this perspective in mind when the chicken came to the road he noticed that there were baby chicks that were too scared to cross the road alone so he decided to do some good and lead them across the

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