Importance Of Art In The Renaissance

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Why did the Renaissance begin when and where?

The Renaissance began in Florence, Italy because it was a huge trade center at the time. Florence was in a nice geographical location for commerce and trade. This gave a huge amount of wealth to the city which contributed to its economic success. As the main point of exchange, many concepts took off from Florence including new forms of art and politics. Location wasn’t the only contributing factor to the beginning of the Renaissance since The Black Death had just come through Europe and killed 30 to 50 percent of their population and many areas were struggling to get back to normal. Florence was among these but ended up coming back stronger than before.

How were the concepts of individualism,
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Many art pieces at the time had been inspired by religion, but now they seemed to have focused more on man. Some even only focused on man such as self portraits or family paintings. Another theme that was popular during the Renaissance was nature which inspired people to not just have a blank background, but include nature in it. Also, instead of working solely with egg tempera, artists began to use new types of paint such as oil-based paints which dried much slower. This was very helpful, for it allowed artists to continue working on their paintings for months at a …show more content…
Also, his work is often taken too seriously, for no one knows what his true intentions are when he is writing each composition. Most people who study Machiavelli aren’t going to read every single piece he ever wrote because in many instances, they will pick and choose certain pieces to study. The major problem with this is that his ideas are shown through his whole collection of works and if you only study a section of these, you are only looking at a portion of his ideas and opinions. Also, Machiavelli never tells you who his intended reader is. The intentions lying beneath his writing could be easily different based on who he was trying to write about. If this was shown to people, maybe they would gather a different opinion or summary on him without thinking that he is

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