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  • What Is The Importance Of Gaining Access To St Stephen

    He even chuckled and made a joke about our “holy smoke” Walked up the center aisle slowly, raising and lowing the bowl to make more smoke, turned at walked around the congregation and took the incense outside The sermon/homily very laid back and geared towards college students Talking about busy college life, taking tests and keeping up with grades Because of Lent there was a lot of traditional “Lent Talk” What Lent means, how we celebrate the season… Ask ourselves why we were there and why Lent has a tendency to bring us together In the three services of the day nearly a thousand people, most who had never been in the church before Talked about how this is our student center, and he welcomed us and encouraged us to ask questions and seek the meaning during this Lenten season There was a forum to follow, which had a lot of sitting, standing, and call-response Singing, verses, prayer, a themed sermon, handshaking, communion and offering not too unlike any other church Wasn’t staunch or rigid and it moved very quickly Surprised how many students didn’t take communion/weren’t Catholic Because Lent sets a certain tone, I’d be curious to see what a regular service is like How many students attend in a more normal time of…

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  • Mission Carnival Wrap-Up And Evaluation

    Name__Josie Sembrot_________________________________________ Mission Carnival Wrap-up and Evaluation Answer the following questions in complete sentences and in paragraph format. Answers require thought and, therefore, most questions’ answers will be about a paragraph (5-7 sentences) in length. Please type neatly and edit before you print. (15 points). TURN IN TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM BY THE DUE DATE. Why did we have the Mission Carnival? Why right before Lent and on Mardi Gras? We have…

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  • Lent Influence On Religion

    celebrate Lent is still unknown but as I talk to other Baptist friends, the common reasons I hear for why they do not celebrate Lent include: 1.) What is Lent? 2.) Isn't Lent Catholic? 3.) We celebrate Easter. What is Lent? Lent is the Christian season of preparation for Easter that begins on Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Easter, not including Sundays. Lent is a time when many Christians "fast" from something or add something to their spiritual formation, and focus on repentance…

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  • Epiphany To Lent Analysis

    Epiphany to Lent Read Ephesians 6 On Ash Wednesday things will change. The light of the world will become the sufferer of life. It seems too soon. On the first day of January, annually Christians and others may celebrate the birth of Mary's baby - Jesus. Now look and listen as songs have turned from praise of birth to hymns and music for a season of ministry, before death. What makes it bad or sad? Why is it that there often a madding sense of frustration that comes, after such a…

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  • The Lent Project: My Level Of Success

    Level of Success When the Lent project began, at first it did not seem like too big of a challenge to give up the soda that I had become accustomed to drinking. However, it obviously was more challenging than I had thought, demonstrated by the fact that I did not succeed with the project. I was successful for the first three weeks or so. The last couple of weeks however, I fell off of the bandwagon completely. During the first couple of weeks I found this project to be in the same category as…

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  • Lent, Brown, And Bandura's Theory Of Entrepreneurship?

    Hackett and Betz said that Bandura’s theory of self-efficacy can be used to find out the vocational inclinations of people. Career self-efficacy was noticed to be the most important factor of males’ intentions to pursue careers in female occupations. Person with high levels of self-efficacy may also have strong occupational intentions for an career. Lent, Brown, and Hackett applied self-efficacy in a social framework to explain three aspects of career development. They are the formation of…

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  • The Separance Of Being Lent: The Importance Of Being Earnest

    Two Types of Dramas A comparative analysis between two types of Dramas, comedy and Tragedy Drama is set up differently depending on the producer and the intention of the drama. However, when one is dealing with the text, it is important to consider that there a big difference between dramatic text and poetry or narrative. Accordingly, this is because among other purposes, dramas are written to be played on stage. However, it is critical to acknowledge that there are different types of dramas.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Career Counseling

    counseling, Lent (2013) examined the life preparedness model from a social cognitive perspective. First, Lent (2013) argued that empirically supported career development models are still applicable to those who are currently in the workforce, especially since organizations are moving towards smaller business models. Specifically, the nature of work has quickened in pace, increased in diversity, and has become less predictable for its workers (Lent, 2013). Overall, organizations have sought…

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  • Church Retreat Report

    I initially believed that Lent was an essential part to Christian and Catholic communities. The retreat I attended is due part to Lutheran Catholic Church. Which explained why they did observe the time of Lent. It was shocking and incredibly appealing that this church recognized other practices besides their own. The speakers clearly acknowledged other practices without putting outside religions and cultures beneath their own. One of the speakers began his introduction by introducing how Lent…

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  • Ramadan Speech Outline

    I. ATTENTION GETTER – Opening Statement/Question? How does giving up food from sunup to sundown sound? A. During Ramadan, Muslims do this for an entire month. II. Central Idea/Specific Purpose Statement: After hearing my presentation today, you will have a greater understanding of the Muslim tradition of Ramadan. A. Relate the Topic to the Audience: Several years ago, I passed a mosque in Evansville. I was surprised there was a mosque in Evansville, and then realized I knew…

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