Ash Wednesday

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  • Personal Narrative: My Parents Coming To America

    According to historians this celebration is dated back thousands of years ago to pagan celebrations of spring and fertility. Also including the raucous Roman festivals of Saturnalia and Lupercalia and when Christianity moved in to that area When Christianity arrived in Rome religious leaders decided to merge these popular local traditions into the new faith an easier task than abolishing them altogether. As a result the excess and debauchery of the Mardi Gras season became a prelude to Lent the 40 days of penance between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.Along with Christianity Mardi Gras spread from Rome to other European countries including France, Germany, Spain and England. Yet Louisiana is the only state where Mardi Gras is a legal holiday in America and a long time ago Mardi Gras was the day before fasting. So since they could only eat fish and nothing more for a week they binged eat meat, eggs, milk, and cheese. That’s why it's called Fat Tuesday and today people would as much junk food as possible and party for most of the…

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  • Mission Carnival Wrap-Up And Evaluation

    Name__Josie Sembrot_________________________________________ Mission Carnival Wrap-up and Evaluation Answer the following questions in complete sentences and in paragraph format. Answers require thought and, therefore, most questions’ answers will be about a paragraph (5-7 sentences) in length. Please type neatly and edit before you print. (15 points). TURN IN TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM BY THE DUE DATE. Why did we have the Mission Carnival? Why right before Lent and on Mardi Gras? We have…

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  • Ozpin's Short Story: Pokemon Trainer

    Ten days has passed by since then and Ash-well, he was gradually making progress, learning through his mistakes and mixing in some of the lessons he had learned through meditation into his daily routine. Patience was the key to his improvement because his aura couldn’t properly flow through his body under a lot of stress, he finally realizes that. Rather than forcing his aura, he approached the matter with a cool head, reducing the stress and taking deep breaths whenever he felt frustrated.…

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  • The Similarities And Differences Of Terrazzo, Composites, And Composites

    material. Concrete is an almost universal material. It can be used in so many ways, and achieve many different looks. It can be used architecturally by being the exterior support of a building, or by being the exterior itself. It can be used interiorly by being incorporated into the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture, etc. Concrete can be colored, textured, and can have aggregate added to it. The possibilities are never ending. The basic recipe of concrete is portland cement, water, and…

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  • The Workability And Compressive Strength Analysis Of Sawdust Ash (SDA)

    Abstract: The study investigated the workability, and compressive strength properties of the concrete produced by replac-ing 5%, 10% and 15% by weight of ordinary Portland cement with Sawdust Ash (SDA). Slump test was carried out on the fresh concrete and compressive strength test on hardened concrete. The concrete cubes were tested at the ages of 3, 7, 14 & 28 days. The results showed that Sawdust Ash is good with use in cement. The slump decreased as the Sawdust Ash content increased…

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  • Suggested Headline: Are Your Cemetery Trees Safety Risk?

    Look for branches breaking near the trunk, slits in the bark, woodpecker injury and chewed on foliage on ash trees. “EAB can wreak havoc in your cemetery, causing huge risk and budgetary issues. Spot EAB warning signs early. Or, you risk losing 15 to 30 percent of all the trees on your property within 3 to 5 years,” cautioned Borkowicz. If you spot a tree risk, call a trained arborist for help. “Preventive tree care can save thousands of dollars in potential damage or tree removal later on,”…

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  • Jennings The Clown And Christ On The Cross Analysis

    that describes the relation of the different personae to their readers in Growing Points (1975) modifies into a tone of balanced diffidence in Consequently I Rejoice (1977). The personae of Consequently I Rejoice are not animated by sheer delight in the diversity of experience; instead, their voices are subdued, and their attitudes are tentative and exploratory as they “rejoice/Having to construct something upon which to rejoice.” The epigraph from Ash Wednesday and seventy-five of the original…

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  • Lent Influence On Religion

    ent was not in my vocabulary. Why the church I went to did not celebrate Lent is still unknown but as I talk to other Baptist friends, the common reasons I hear for why they do not celebrate Lent include: 1.) What is Lent? 2.) Isn't Lent Catholic? 3.) We celebrate Easter. What is Lent? Lent is the Christian season of preparation for Easter that begins on Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Easter, not including Sundays. Lent is a time when many Christians "fast" from something…

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  • Social Class System In Lambourne's Die Fledermaus

    Champagne, wine or any other alcohol is a truth liqueur. Strauss was the first person the show the effects of alcohol on stage. According to Camille Crittenden: “Drinking heavily and exchanging the intimate “Du” form of address are typical carnival events found in Die Fledermaus.” In the German culture, “Du” is used when speaking informal conversations. This would occur when speaking to friends or family members. The formal way of “you” in German is “Sie.” Being at a ball gives the people the…

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  • Analysis Of The Carnival Of Venice

    Culturally, Roman Catholics believe that during the Fridays of the 40 days of Lent, individuals should not eat meat to honor Jesus Christ, who suffered for his followers and died on the cross on a Friday. The activity pattern of giving up meat was chosen due to the fact that meat is known to be a worthy sacrifice within this religion, and is also associated with many worthy celebrations and feasts (Kosloski, 2017). The Carnival of Venice is a way to gather everyone together and have one final…

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