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  • Merrifield Commercial Realization Area Case Study

    Case Description The Merrifield Commercial Realization Area (CRA) projected started on April 2009, which it is known as The Mosaic District as well. Because this project, the first Community Development Authority (CDA) was created, and it made sure that the CRA’s principles provided a coordinated approach to address the needs and opportunities of a changing development environment, while ensuring that public dollars are contributed only when essential to realize revitalization. Also, the CDA was created to help financially the public infrastructures that were development in Fairfax, and the Merrifield Commercial Realization Area was one of them. With 32 acres and a value of $65,650,000 Mosaic District Community Development Authority is…

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  • Milton Meltzer's George Washington And The Birth Of Our Nation

    marries Anne Fairfax, George would escape his frightening mother and spent time with William Fairfax from time to time. William would later on offer George a position in the Royal Navy, but luckily his mother puts a cease to it and commands George to come back home. One time Lord Fairfax himself visits, at this time George saw how people in the family would suddenly show up at times when the old aged Lord felt ill hoping they would get some of his possessions in his will. At a point where…

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  • The Marbury V. Madison Case

    Thomas Marshall worked as a surveyor and land agent for Lord Fairfax. Although the supply of books was relatively scarce during that time, they were still available to John. Lord Fairfax allowed access to his library, which was an exceptional center of learning and culture. His love of poetry and literature was evidently seen later in his life. In 1767, Thomas arranged for a minister, Reverend James Thomson, to double as a teacher for the local children. He lived with the Marshall family so he…

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  • Write An Essay About Pushing Back School Start Times?

    This sum includes purchasing 27 new buses and hiring the new bus drivers. While this may seem as a small sum for such a large county, Fairfax County Public Schools are currently facing a deficit of over $14 million, and are expected to see a deficit of over $100 million in the 2016-2017 fiscal year (“FY”). This means that pushing back school start times accounts for nearly 5% of the downfall, leading to teacher being laid off and extracurricular activities being cut. Another reason pushing back…

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  • Analysis Of Washington The Indispensable Man By James Thomas Flexner

    Washington, the Indispensable Man by James Thomas Flexner offers a refined condensed nonfiction account of his previous four book biography that explores the life of the Father of America. The tall historical character is painted as a brave leader, slave owner, reluctant politician, and a passionate, but fierce general. From his birth in 1732 to his death in 1799, Washington is portrayed excellently, encompassing his adoption of American independence, his leadership in the Revolutionary War, and…

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  • Why We Should Have Longer School Hours

    There’s a student acrostic poem that I have heard in the past for the word school; “Seven Crappy Hours of Our Lives.” It’s not a very appropriate saying, but I can comprehend the feelings of its creator. Imagine school felt long enough only to get another hour and a half added. I believe the way classes are distributed is reasonable, so how would adding another hour function? A longer school day would just mean complicated compromises and sacrifices would have to be made, students who dislike…

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  • Presentism In Thomas Jefferson

    Each authors address the issue of presentism differently. Each authors talks about past tens and present by presenting the Thomas Jefferson. For example, the first author Douglas Wilson understands the time presentism (historical condition). In author’s opinion Jefferson preferred to own a slaves then make them free because of historical conditions. For instance, during that time 18th century slave holders did not want to be in trouble and therefore they owned slaves to make themselves free.…

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  • Thomas Paine's Impact On The American Revolution Essay

    this give birth to our nation, it also had an impact on American literature. The events of the famous war brought confidence to the colonists and started the revolt against Britain. The Colonists wanted their independence and during this time they did not have a form of informing everyone in the colonies. The only efficient way of spreading news and opinions was to write a book. Many well-known authors came out of this time period and many of their works are still being talked about and…

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  • The Preamble And The Declaration Of Independence Analysis

    might not have catered to what the government wanted, they were revolutionary nonetheless. His first idea of human nature was that at birth all humans are at a blank state, not yet tainted by outside opinions. Locke believed that the natural human state was one of perfect freedom and goodwill. He preferred limited or constitutional monarchy as opposed to absolute monarchy and thought that there was a social contract between a government and its people. This contract states that the government’s…

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  • Alexander Washington's Neutrality Of The American Party

    Britain and France were at war, both sides were looking for allies, Britain was America’s biggest trading partner, but the French helped the Americans in the war, the problem was clear, whose side should the United States take, or if they should even take sides at all? Washington ended up proclaiming neutral to the war, and it was extremely controversial to the people in the nation. The two “political parties”, The Federalists and the Democratic Republicans took sides to the publication. The…

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