6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron

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  • Milton Meltzer's George Washington And The Birth Of Our Nation

    marries Anne Fairfax, George would escape his frightening mother and spent time with William Fairfax from time to time. William would later on offer George a position in the Royal Navy, but luckily his mother puts a cease to it and commands George to come back home. One time Lord Fairfax himself visits, at this time George saw how people in the family would suddenly show up at times when the old aged Lord felt ill hoping they would get some of his possessions in his will. At a point where George is about to get a taste of the aristocracy life Lord Fairfax sends him on a mission with a surveying party. Then in the second chapter George shows his true apathetic, practically snobbish, outlook when the party of surveyors runs into a group of Indians and Germans on the expedition. Although, the expedition seemed to be rugged and pain-staking for George he’d eventually become struck with an undying love for the West. After returning from the expedition George tells anyone who will listen to him telling of his surveying adventure. When George is seventeen Lord Fairfax sends George to Alexandria to survey the newly established town. Contrary to belief, sometime after completing Lord Fairfax’s assignment it becomes apparent that George had become a lady’s man. Though he had fallen for one, she had already been taken and so he set out for other opportunities of courtship. This becomes apparent from the bad poems he’d written, the reported conversation with his friend Fairfax when…

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