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  • Black Holes Research Papers

    as the effects of black holes. The national aeronautics and space administration (NASA) are responsible for many of the advances in electromagnetic detection technology advances and intern responsible for many of the discoveries. The first ever telescope was made in 1610 by the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei within his first year of observation he had discovered four of Jupiter’s largest moons as well…

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  • The Kepler Spacecraft: The Huble Space Telescope

    exoplanets were rare or common in the galaxy. It was nearly impossible to capture the individual signals being emitted from distant planets such as reduced brilliance when the planet passes in front of its parent star without some type of space telescope. Thus, in March 2009, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), launched the Kepler spacecraft. The primary mission of this new instrument was to investigate the diversity and structure of planetary systems. The spacecraft moves…

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  • Exoplanets: What Is Our Place In The Universe?

    Space-based photometers such as the Hubble Telescope and Kepler have already been launched into orbit around Earth. These telescopes were some of the first catalysts in the discovery of exoplanets. As of December 3, 2015, scientists have confirmed 1,916 exoplanet candidates as true planets (“NASA Exoplanet Archive”). Kepler and Hubble use…

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  • Story Musgrave: A Brief Biography

    well over 160 different types of aircraft and has made more than 800 free falls, 100 of which were experimental falls used to study human aerodynamics. The story that Musgrave is known best for is commanding a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. He led the eleven day mission and completed three out of the five spacewalks himself, successfully fixing the…

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  • Hst Observation

    similar resources via the Hubble Space Telescope. The researcher is to choose one of the images provided by the center. After reading the explanation of the image, questions need to be reviewed as well as a description of the images contents. As the final portion of the lab, the researcher will review a NASA mission, to enable the understanding of tool, content, and simulation of the actual study. As a researcher, I began my lab by researching the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA). The…

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  • Narrative Essay About Going To Florida

    the clip. Atlantis had a worn out, scratchy exterior, and was tilted down to the right side for the tourists to observe the inner hollow shell. Also to the right in that same room was a replica of the Hubble Space Telescope. I already had some prior knowledge of the legendary telescope, though I never knew how gigantic it was. “I guess, you never know how big things are until you see them in person,” I mumbled to myself. There was a narrow hallway and on my right side there was a washed out…

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  • Mauna Kea Research Paper

    volcano that is dormant that is located on the Big Island of Hawai’i and its name means “White Mountain”. Mauna Kea is known for having the world’s largest astronomical observatory. Currently there are thirteen telescopes that are located near the summit of Mauna Kea, nine of the telescopes are for optical and infrared astronomy, three of them are for submilllimeter wavelength astronomy and one is for radio astronomy. Mauna Kea is a unique site for astronomy because of the atmosphere above the…

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  • How Did Galileo Galilei Impact The World

    discovery that he made is the telescope, he came up with this discovery by hearing the invention of the telescope in Holland and his telescope is better than the telescope that they invented in Holland. Galileo Galilei made many astronomical discoveries. His discoveries are Callisto, Ganymede, Europa I, Rings of Saturn and Telescope. His astronomical discoveries made him.…

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  • Refraction Lab Report

    The bigger the aperture of the lens the more light it collects. They allow objects from a distance to become magnified, clearer, and brighter. Most Refracting telescopes use two main lens, the objective lens, which is a convex lens that are thicker in the middle than the edges for different refraction of light and goes at one end of the tube, and the eyepiece for viewing, on the opposite end, which is also a convex…

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  • Universe Observation Essay

    which was our bright spot. By pointing our “telescopes” in the direction of the moon, we recorded how many stars we saw, but it was evident that the moon did reduce the number of stars our eyes were able to detect. The same process was repeated, but instead of pointing the “telescope” towards the moon, we pointed it in the direction of a dark area and counted the stars. Lastly, we used a a PLOSSL 40mm telescope to assist our count. By using the telescope, many stars that were too dim to the…

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