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  • What Is The Space Mission To A Habitable Extrasolar Planet?

    The Sci-Fi story I will be writing about is going to be about space mission to a habitable extrasolar planet. It will be based centuries into the future when technology has improved to the point that our human race can visit planets light years away. Of course there are still effects of long-term space travel on the human body, but the technology and research will be more advanced during the time period of my story. The mission is going to consist of highly trained astronauts and the most up-to-date futuristic technology. They will be attempting to travel light-years away and discover if Kepler-22b, or a planet similar, is habitable and if life already exists. If so, earth will start to colonize this new planet. The main technologies…

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  • Kepler Telescope Essay

    The Kepler Telescope main instrument is a photometer. This instrument measures the brightness of stars within its field of view. Data is then gathered and analyzed to detect any variations or deviations of light which is caused by the transits of plants of host stars. These dips in light help in detecting planets in "Habitable Zones". Gliese-581g The planet Gliese 581g is one of six possible planets in the constellation Libra. This exoplanet was discovered in late September 2010. The main reason…

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  • Radiation Spectroscopy Essay

    Since the first planet orbiting a star other than our Sun was discovered almost 20 years ago, astronomers have detected over 3,000 exoplanets. Going forward, exoplanetary scientists have two major goals: detecting smaller, more Earth-like planets, and characterizing particular planets of interest. With the advent of the extremely large telescope (ELT) era soon approaching, these two goals will become increasingly intertwined as better instruments give us the power to study the atmospheres of…

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  • Informative Speech On Aliens

    Well I am here to inform you in all the different kinds of Alien sightings and sayings of these mysterious creatures. In case you didn’t know Aliens are weird looking creatures that are not known to our world and are believed to come from a different dimension. Aliens are very interesting if you ask me. I strongly believe these creatures really walk and float all around our world. There had been so many sightings from around the world. For example, in New Mexico there were over four different…

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  • Hst Observation

    In this lab, the objective is to research astronomical devices through the provided respective links. After choosing one of the devices used to study Astronomy, the researcher must then begin to delve into information about the device and its current location and providers. Through research an understanding is gained, and the researcher is able to better comprehend the capabilities of their decided to device. Once this step is achieved, it is next part of the process to review images produce by…

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  • Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence By Seth Shostak

    Additionally, I can recall many instances where countries or empires have feuded over their differences, but it is more difficult for me to think of instances where different nations have started alliances, and celebrated their differences. For example, if we were to compare an interaction with Earth and an extraterrestrial colony with the alliances between countries such as Liechtenstein and Switzerland, the argument that Earth is prepared to communicate peacefully with another planet is…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: The Case For Alien Life By Sarah Fecht

    if they were true. I can recall my experiences from the past, looking at the night sky, I always wondered if there’s someone living outside far beyond this planet and gazing at the stars just like me. I still wonder if it’s even possible and what gives me hope is I’m not the only one with this question, there are other people in the world who believe there can be life beyond…

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  • Exploration To Destruction: Pluto And Landing On The Moon

    that we discover planets and many different components that we study. Some examples of what we use to find planets are the Doppler Effect, Astrometry, Transit Photometry, and Direct Imaging. Once we have found a planet we study it as thoroughly as possible with the technology that we have. Formulas are a large part of that study. Without formulas and deductive reasoning based off of our remote observations there would be almost no way…

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  • The Importance Of Extraterrestrial Life

    believe that Earth is the only planet capable of sustaining life. Second, there have already been aspects found on Mars to make one reconsider any opinion there was over the topic. Lastly, it is possible to come across a planet or a moon which has the required ingredients to sustain a form of life. Not human life but a different life. The universe in which we live in is very immense and mysterious. It’s so big that what we can see, which is the stars and sometimes the other planets around us,…

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  • Jovian Planet Research Paper

    Ch. 11 3. Jovian planets have layered interiors with very high internal temperatures and pressures. The core’s are about 10 times the size of Earth’s consisting of metals, rock, and hydrogen compounds. Jupiter, on the other hand is made almost entirely of hydrogen and helium 4. Because of its large size, Jupiter loses heat very slowly. The planet is still slowly contracting. Contraction converts gravitational energy into thermal energy. Neptune also uses contraction as a way of generating…

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