Hawaiian Islands

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  • Hawaiian Shirt Research Paper

    Much of Hawaiian culture has been adopted through the migration of various peoples and their interactions with the Polynesians, the islands’ prior inhabitants. Culture refers to an ordered system of beliefs, expressive symbols, values and knowledge in terms of which groups of individuals define their world, express their feelings, make their judgments, and cope with their environment. Biology is only capable of so much therefore, humans developed culture. Simply stated, culture is learned, shared behavior. The formation of the Hawaiian culture from past to present marked by rituals and trends in attire can best be attributed to the anthropological theories known as diffusionism and symbolism (Kottak). Much of modern-day Hawaiian apparel has…

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  • Ni Ihau Culture

    Hawaiian language is a language that has one form associated with it and all communities found within Hawaii have spoken this same language since the land was first discovered by Polynesians in the island of Ni‘ihau (the forbidden island). The Ni’ihau community is what I will be focusing on in this paper, since it is known to be the first island in Hawaii that was Goddess Pele’s first home (Ni`ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation). After the islands were inhabited by the early Polynesians,…

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  • Hawai I And Papa New Guinea Argumentative Essay

    because of foreign influences, such as those brought on by the missionaries. Hawai 'i and Papa New Guinea are two of the many islands located in the Pacific Ocean, who was affected by colonization. Colonization of these islands affected these native people tremendously, which in time lead up to the loss of their cultures, traditions and religions. In my essay, I will compare and contrast the colonization of Hawai 'i and Papa New Guinea, in context of their traditions and religions. The…

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  • Big Island Tourism Analysis

    Negative Impacts of Tourism on the Big Island Hawai’i Island, Hawaii, otherwise known as the Big Island, is the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. The Big Island’s population was estimated to be 196,428 in 2015 (Census 2015). The number of tourists per year far exceeds the number of residents. In 2014, the number of tourists that visited the Big Island reached 1,445,939 (Big Island Now). With record setting highs in visitor numbers, the island must keep up with the continual demand for…

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  • Hawaii Volcano Formation

    Subject of study: The subject of study is the formation of the Hawaiian archipelago. The island chain is comprised of a string of volcanic islands, seamounts of igneous rock of which the largest, Hawaii, reaches from its base on the ocean floor to rise above the ocean to rival the height of the tallest mountain, Mt. Everest. The smaller and extinct volcanos of the Hawaiian chain are located at successively greater distances from the currently active volcano and younger, Kilauea on the largest…

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  • Strawberry Guava Essay

    is an invasive alien species to Hawaii and can be managed through mechanical control, herbicide application, and biological control to prevent further dispersal and damage to the native ecosystems of Hawaii. Introduced to Hawaii in 1825 while en route to Europe and Singapore, strawberry guava is native to southeastern Brazil, where it is known as araçá (Johnson 2005; Wikler et al. 2000). In its native Atlantic forest ecosystem in Brazil, strawberry guava is common in the coastal forests and…

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  • Volcanic Eruptions

    gods and goddesses described in these tales would do things that would create an eruption, such as Pele the Hawaiian goddess of fire living in the island of Hawaii or Vulcan the Italian god of fire having his blacksmith’s workshop below the island of Vulcano. The Maori, Hawaiians, Greeks, Romans, and Native Americans used stories of their gods to explain what they did not understand.…

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  • Essay On Hawaii Vacation

    there. Hawaii is located in the pacific ocean which makes it the only State in the world that is completely surrounded by water. Hawaii is also broken up into 7 different islands. As many people may know, not every island is populated with people. Hawaii is also one of the only main places in which they train soldiers in submarine warfare as well as antisubmarine forces. Hawaii is literally the only place in the world that is made up entirely of lava and volcanoes. More history of Hawaii is…

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  • An Essay About Hawaii Vacation

    beginner-sized waves, becoming a pro will naturally come after a few go-arounds. Another fun thing to do in Maui’s awesome ocean water is snorkeling. Maui has great coastal areas for snorkeling that will reveal breathtaking ocean settings and creatures. These are just a few of the “extras” that can be experienced in Maui. One of the most fun things to experience in Maui, or Hawaii in general, is the Hawaiian culture. A way to experience the culture is to attend a luau. A luau is a feast or party…

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  • Mount Everest Research Paper

    At 29,029 feet (8,848 meters), Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world in terms of altitude. However, the tallest mountain is actually Mauna Kea in Hawaii, which measures 33,480 feet (10,205 m) from its underwater base to its peak, according to Guinness World Records. (Most of Mauna Kea is underwater.) Everest is located at the border of Nepal to the south and China or Tibet on the north. It is over 60 million years old. Everest was formed by the movement of the Indian tectonic…

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