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  • Human Service Organization Analysis

    Introduction There are many different types of Human Service Organisations (HSOs), all of which function differently. Different organisations will have different aims, structures and environments will seek to transform clients through different technologies. Social workers within HSOs may come across different constraints and opportunities. For the purpose of this analysis, a social worker, Leah Hammett was interviewed. Leah is a Student Wellbeing Officer in the Student Equity and Wellbeing (SEW) unit at James Cook University in Cairns. I met with Leah in her office. It should also be mentioned that I have seen Leah in her role at the university so there are some aspects discussed which I was already aware, however, asked again just to reiterate…

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  • The Hawaiian Dream Analysis

    How is it that some volcano in the middle of the Pacific ocean exploded in this exact spot? How did the birds survive, how did the soil get ground down from the spiky lava? How did the plants grow? This is paradise on Earth. This is the Hawaiian Dream. Hot damn, talk about freak volcanic eruptions and even freakier ornithological survival rates. Sitting on a jet plane to Waikiki, you read about Cook’s first impressions of Hawai’i, discovered tracking the course of Venus, goddess of love while…

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  • Hawai I And Papa New Guinea Argumentative Essay

    For over decades, traditions have been lost over time. Most are suppressed or forgotten because of foreign influences, such as those brought on by the missionaries. Hawai 'i and Papa New Guinea are two of the many islands located in the Pacific Ocean, who was affected by colonization. Colonization of these islands affected these native people tremendously, which in time lead up to the loss of their cultures, traditions and religions. In my essay, I will compare and contrast the colonization of…

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  • Colonialism And Colonization In Hawaii

    group 's way of life forcibly. Usually, enforced with advanced technology from a foreign minority, which is brought upon an indigenous majority. Colonialism invariably will cause people to change multiple aspects of their lives, such as: political beliefs, economic standing, and cultural views that were a large parts of who they were. So the act of colonizing a people, in a way, strips a them of who they are. Most of these colonies with indigenous people didn’t take colonization sitting down.…

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  • Ni Ihau Culture

    God enfolds us). “Ka mana o ke Akua e ho`opakele mai iâ kâkou”(The power of God protects us) “Ke alo o ke Akua e mâlama mai iâ kâkou” (The presence of God watches over us). “Ma kahi â kâkou, e hele aku ai he Akua nô” (Wherever we are together, God is). Through the unity prayer, one can see that family and unity is a highly valued aspect in the Hawaiian community because as a family/ community they must practice God’s ways together. For instance the last line of the prayer says “wherever we are…

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  • Australia Assignment Analysis

    high quality scientific and technological research will lead to greater commercial and economic outcomes for Australia.” (Williamson, Raghnaill, Douglas, & Sanchez, 2015) Most people don’t realize that “Australia is home to the Prelude project, which is the “first floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility in the world.” (Gomez, 2011) It is important when doing business in the country to know what types of stigmas you should be cognoscenti of topics like these. The community towards the…

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  • James Cook Research Paper

    12. James Cook James Cook, a captain of the English Royal Navy and fellow seaman, disproved the theory about the “Southern Continent” when he led the first expedition to cross the Antarctic Circle. Throughout his expeditions, Cook created numerous charts of unexplored islands in the Pacific Ocean. On his third voyage south he discovered many islands, including Hawaii. Cook’s discoveries and numerous charts became invaluable to the future English explorers. 13. Vitus Bering The Danish explorer…

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  • Personal Experience: Moving To Ocala

    My great-aunt likes to cook. Since she was a teenage girl, she learned how to cook either by books or in culinary schools. She quits learning now and focuses more on her job, but she still cooks a different food each day. In the kitchen cabinet, there is hundreds of bags of flour and seasoning. She also bought an average-sized freezer to store even more food. The freezer is always full of the old and new meats. (It seems like all the food markets will be closing tomorrow.) It is always hard for…

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  • Captain James Cook: English Explorer

    James Cook: Captain James Cook was an English explorer in the 1700s who was in search of the “Southern Continent” which he didn’t believe really existed. He went on three big expeditions; the first was from 1768 to 1771, when he sailed from Plymouth, England to Brazil, around Cape Horn, Africa, and to Tahiti where he stayed for a while, then to New Zealand, Australia, and Java to prove they weren’t part of a larger southern continent. His second expedition took him to Antarctica and many of…

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  • An Analysis Of Who Cooks By Anthony Bourdain

    Ever wonder who is cooking the food in the kitchens of America’s favorite restaurants? Anthony Bourdain answered this question in his article titled “Who Cooks?” Anthony Bourdain is a chef, writer and has been featured on some reality television shows. He discussed how the line cooks are not who most people think they are; they are not professionals but instead they are non-American men who cannot make it elsewhere according to his experience. Line cooking involves mindless repetition that not…

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