Mantle plume

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  • Hawaii Volcano Formation

    Thus, volcanoes can be found along tectonic plate boundaries. However, Hawaii is not located at tectonic plate boundaries, but in the north central part of the Pacific plate. As with all tectonic plates, the Pacific plate has a predominant direction of flow as it floats over the viscous mantle of the earth and is moving in a northwesterly direction at a rate of 7 to 11 centimeters…

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  • Ocean Persuasive Essay

    how come our oceans don't always change in shape? These are questions that have been asked before. When i explained the idea of how plate tectonics may have been the right answer to these questions i only stated that this could be a reason why the ocean has its shape. Plate tectonics according to google's dictionary is “a theory explaining the structure of the earth's crust and many associated phenomena as resulting from the interaction of rigid lithospheric plates that move slowly over the…

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  • The Marianas Mission

    earthquake. Luckily, by the underwater crest splitting apart, their job at getting deeper into the Earth’s core has become a whole lot easier----if they can maintain control of their ship. The controllers at the briefing room indicate that the ship is going too fast in the crosscurrent. Brazzleton explains the ship does not have enough pressure to deploy the laser. They cannot power up the ship in time to approaching the gateway into the Earth’s crust. The ship just manages to deploy a laser to…

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  • Solar System Research Paper

    Earth has a core composed of two distinct parts: the inner core and the outer core. Both parts of the core are made up of mostly iron and some nickel. The difference is that those minerals in the inner core are solid and the same minerals in the outer core are liquid. The subsequent layer is the mantle which is sitting on top of the outer core. This layer is by far the thickest layer of Earth. Similar the core, the mantle contains mostly iron but in the form of silicate rocks. The mantle can…

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  • Urban Sprawl Harm The Future Of The World

    Urban sprawl is an inattentive issue that continues to harm the future of the world, unless the problem is addressed. The concept of urban sprawl is the “uncontrolled spread of urban development into neighboring regions” (“Urban Sprawl”). Across the globe, there has been urban sprawl in major cities, without consideration of future consequences. As society focal point is on celebrities and fashion, the focus on the destruction of the environment is not being acknowledged. The sprawl leaves…

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  • Deccan Traps Essay

    the Indian plate, the Reunion island hotspot, and the evolution of lithospheric mantle structure. Keywords: deccan, mantle, plate, hotspot, reunion, reconstructions. The Deccan traps of West India, located on the Deccan plateau, the traps are one of the largest volcanic formation on Earth. The traps consist of hundreds of layers of solidified basalt, or igneous volcanic rock, measuring over 6,600 ft thick. The Deccan…

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  • How Yellowstone Volcanoes Are Formed

    It is concluded that Yellowstone will someday erupt again however, it might not be in the near future. With the myriad of tourists that visit the National Park every year, they had to be sure that it wouldn’t explode soon to ensure people’s safety. Geologists have found that the ground around where the volcano is, is now swelling. The swelling indicates that the underlying magma chamber is refilling once again. But people have other questions, how was this volcano formed? Usually volcanoes…

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  • Supercontinents: A Formal Analysis

    cycle comes into effect. The two cycles are both known to have been the cause of two of our supercontinents, Pangaea and Rodinia. The life cycle of these gargantuan masses of land go into much more detail, an example of this is the interactions with the landmass and volcanism. Supercontinents relationship to volcanism is similar to mother and child. The supercontinents (child) need the volcanism (mother) to happen to be created. This is also the destruction of the enormous islands. This happens…

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  • Tapo Volcanic Zone Essay

    stretched and thinned in the entire Taupo Volcanic Zone by movement of the plates. When the Pacific Plate subducts underneath the Australian Plate this causes melting in the mantle, which in turn produces a volcanic arc, for New Zealand mostly, composed of andesite and rhyolite. During subduction as the Pacific plate is forced under the Australian plate the Pacific plate starts to melt because it is moving closer to the inner core of the earth causing the liquid mantle to heat up making the…

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  • Rocky Mountains Research Paper

    Bird tested this theory by using Computer modeling. In his simulation bird based the earth on the 'Jelly Sandwich ' theory which states that the earth 's crust is floating on a layer of partially molten upper mantle which is then underlain by a dense layer of mantle called mantle lithosphere. In Bird 's computer models he was able to adjust variables such as the strength of the lithosphere and the amount of friction generated between the two plates. After testing Bird concluded that even in…

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