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  • Manual Therapy Application Essay

    As a physiotherapist dealing with amateur and professional athletes, my goal has been to improve performance beyond basic range of motion, muscular strength, and balance. I have spent the majority of my career pursuing manual therapy, using concepts in osteokinematics and arthrokinematics, as a way to improve biomechanical performance. The challenge has always been to objectively quantify movement or motion and the results of manual therapy interventions in a clinical setting. Although functional movement screening (FMS) tools are an effective measure of physical performance, they are often just one test, and measure just one parameter of function. 1 In the past year, I was introduced to Motion Capture (MoCap) technology while working for a professional hockey organization. In the field of biomechanics, marker-based MoCap systems have been used as an accurate and precise method to capture data of subjects in movement.2 One of the staff members, with expertise in MoCap, was utilizing markerless motion capture as part of a standardized athlete movement screen (Appendix 1) to capture biomechanical data in under 10 minutes. The 3-Dimensional data produced from this markerless MoCap system (valued at $40 000) varied from range of motion, to squat depths, and jump heights, as well as joint torques and center of mass sway. This multi-faceted biomechanical data I found relevant to the constructs of biomechanics. I was especially…

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  • Laryngeal Manual Therapy

    The next journal article called, “Immediate Effect of Laryngeal Manual Therapy in Dysphonic Individuals”, focused on investigating the immediate effect of Laryngeal Manual Therapy (LMT) in musculoskeletal pain, in voice, and sensations of individuals with and without functional dysphonia. Individuals with this type of dysphonia suffer from pain of extrinsic laryngeal muscles and postural changes. Typically, the treatment for this type of dysphonia included laryngeal massages and postural changes…

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  • Crossfit: Popular Workout Routine In El Paso Manual Physical Therapy

    Crossfit is a popular workout routine in El Paso that combines strength training, power weight lifting, speed work and endurance exercise, gymnastics and plyometrics. These workouts target all the main components of physical fitness through highly intensive body exercises. The practice has however been associated with high risk of injury despite its numerous benefits and popularity. All the same, you can minimize the chances of developing any complications by considering El Paso Manual Physical…

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  • Bioharmonie: Massage Therapy Case Study

    Defined as a good, a service, or an idea, consisting of a bundle of tangible or intangible attributes (Kerin, 2015, p. 171). BioHarmonie is a home-based, therapeutic massage therapy business. Our therapists focus on the medical benefits of massage techniques and use their skills to treat ailments diagnosed by licensed medical professionals. These ailments include sports injuries, arthritis, muscle pain or circulatory issues and patients affected by cancer. We also offer massages that can also…

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  • Icon Medical Clinic: A Case Study

    the Brickell neighborhood. At our accident clinic, we provide treatment for a variety of conditions and injuries. Injuries Sustained in Vehicle Accidents Many of our patients have sustained injuries due to automobile or motorcycle accidents; therefore, we know how to work with various car insurance companies and attorneys. Moreover, we treat patients who become injured at work, or as they participate in physical activities (including sports). Conditions We Treat at Our Accident Clinic Located…

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  • Medical Attention: A Case Study

    How Chiropractic Care Relieves Pain When an individual with a misaligned spinal column receives chiropractic treatment, the chiropractic physician gently places pressure on the areas of the spinal column that need to be realigned: Once realigned, the painful pressure that was being placed on the spinal nerves is relieved. Both chiropractic care and physical therapy treatments are designed to manage pain and accelerate the healing process. A Comprehensive Approach Our goal is to provide…

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  • The Transformative Essay: The Career Of Physical Therapy

    massage people get at the spa. Massage performed in therapy is to decrease tightness and tone and to improve tissue mobility of a specific muscle that may be very inflamed or the source of joint pain. (Liz Hoobchaak¬) The field of physical therapy requires a therapist to be considerate and understanding of a person’s limits. Even though this job does not save lives that are life threating, it is rewarding in knowing that someone might be able to do basic activities again. When researching the…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Licensed Massage Therapist

    previous education in massage let me see the person as a whole; physically, mentally, and emotionally. After having graduated, I realized the toll massage therapy can take on the practitioner. Paired with other reasoning’s, I decided to go to Acupuncture at Avenue Acupuncture with Danielle Dupell, for treatment. Apart from an acupuncture session I had while studying massage, this was my first true experience. When I went to Danielle, I was very curious about the entire process, and I found…

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  • Bodywork Therapies

    The term bodywork is an umbrella term used to describe a massive range of tens, if not hundreds, of alternative medicines and therapies. These range from manipulative therapies (such as massage), to breath work (such as that used in yoga and meditation), through to energy medicine (such as Reiki). Bodywork therapies work with both energy fields and the physical body, and promote a mind-body connection. Bodywork therapies can be broken down into two types: Non-touch bodywork: which includes yoga,…

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  • Aromatherapy Massage Therapy

    with the use of scented herbs that are great in calming, energizing, and uplifting our body through our emotions. This is believed to have better positive effects on the patient rather than a plain massage therapy as the aromatherapy possesses many healing properties that boost the health recovery of the patient. Aromatherapy massage is common in Ancient China, Japan, India and Egypt as an old practice in soothing and healing people with emotion-related stress. In our modern times,…

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