The Marianas Trench

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The film cuts to the Marianas Trench on the South Pacific, shows another dark cloud with lightning approaching. A vessel appears stranded in the middle of the waters. There is also a helicopter on the right side of the screen, which is headed for the vessel. We learn that this is where they will drill down into the Earth’s core to restart its rotation. Keyes and his crew are ready for the mission into the Earth’s core as it begins to rain rather heavily as a part of the storm. They understand deeply that they may not survive the mission as they are headed towards extremely hot conditions that no human would be able to survive in. They have one last conversation together beforehand. They decide a name for the ship they are going to use …show more content…
The ship is speeding up due to the of the Earth’s core, which surprises the crew as is it lighter than they estimated. Based on their estimates of their new core density, the amount of nuclear weapons needed to detonate to force a restart in the core’s rotation will be not enough. Zimsky determines that because the core material is too light, the energy waves from the explosion will not reach the core’s center. He suggests that the plan has failed, explaining as they have lost their commander and weapons control specialist. Furthermore, he adds that when the hull in the weapons control compartment was breached and broke apart, the weapons controls system was destroyed, so they will not be able to arm the nuclear codes. Zimsky decides the alternative, which the U.S. government was hoping not to initialize: DESTINI, an acronym for the Deep Earth Seismic Trigger Initiative, which we find was actually responsible for stopping the core’s rotation. It is a device that is capable of creating massive seismic activity in the Earth’s surface. Zimsky believes because DESTINI already touched the core and stopped its rotation, by reactivating it; it would restart the core’s rotation. The crew, and even the briefing room controllers, was not aware of the scope of the initiative and want clarification from Lt. General Purcell. Keyes is highly skeptical of the plan, as he believes that activating DESTINI, the core will be permanently destabilized, causing volcanic eruptions and powerful earthquakes worldwide. Unfortunately, Purcell believes that this is only far forward, but Keyes decides on an alternative to the alternative. He plans to continue forward to try restart the core even thought the light density of the core would surely make it difficult. If they do not succeed, then the government can activate DESTINI. Purcell disagrees because that would mean they would be instantly

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