Argumentative Essay On Foodmania

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There was once a city called Foodmania. In this city, everyone is a French fry; their blood is made from 100% natural barbecue sauce. The most famous attraction of Foodmania is a tower called Burgerzilla; and living nearby is a monster, also called Burgerzilla. The owner of these Burgerzillas is Fry Mcsauceston. Mr. Mcsauceston is famous for digging up 5,302 golden chicken nuggets in one week at the Chocolate Mines. Golden chicken nuggets are very rare and precious to the citizens of Foodmania. One golden nugget can buy a house and Fry Mcsauceston already has a vault full of these jewels! He also found the famous pork corkscrew called the Porkscrew – it’s made of out gold, sparkles and spins around a lot. And I mean a lot. Mr. Mcsauceston is …show more content…
So that’s what he decides to do. Take a break…and go to Space! He told Princess Bubblegum, his younger sister, to take care of Burgerzilla while he is away. Fry Mcsauceston will go to Venus and Jupiter on this journey. Fry can’t decide on what to pack, so he packs everything. It takes him, oh…about 10 hours. Fry Mcsauceston puts all his belongings into his rocket ship, nicknamed The Gold Rider – 50 tons of solid, pure gold. He waves goodbye to his sister and his pet and takes off. It’s Fry Mcsauceston’s first time trying out his new rocket ship and he’s a bit nervous operating it. When he comes near Venus, he pushes the wrong button out of overexcitement. Fry Mcsauceston gasps in horror, he pressed the panic …show more content…
Thankfully the ship was powered on gold and when it exploded, everything turned into dust. Fry Mcsauceston crawls out wearing his lava/heat proof suit and boots. He saw volcanoes, lava pits and a mountain. Fry Mcsauceston walks up to a volcano to get a closer look. He trips over a space rock and fell into the volcano. There is no way to get up so Fry Mcsauceston takes a nap while he waits. He feels very cool in his suit and sighs contently. The volcano erupts eight hours later and Fry Mcsauceston flies up so high that he leaves Venus’ orbit, dodges around the asteroid belts and somehow face plants on Jupiter.
Fry Mcsauceston shakes his head to clear it. He looks around the empty planet and pulls out his favourite food, the hardest sugar s’more block. Looking around, he takes a space rock and breaks his s’more into several little pieces. He is a French fry after all and can’t digest an entire s’more at once. Nibbling on his food, Fry Mcsauceston pulls out his inflatable surfboard and blows into it. He stands back, admiring his beautiful surfboard and thinking how much fun it will be riding on Jupiter’s rings. He jumps on with his jet pack – powered by lemon juice. It takes Fry Mcsauceston about four hours to go around Jupiter. He lands back on the surface and

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