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  • Disadvantages Of Videoconferencing

    Virtual Meetings: Smart Management-1 Case # 2 Analysis and Evaluation: Virtual Meetings: Smart Management Kiko Nyambi January 20,2012 Virtual Meetings: Smart Management-2 Case Analysis and Evaluation: Virtual Meetings: Smart Management. When looking at virtual meetings: Smart Management we are not only looking at the technologies used but also the benefits they provide. The way the internet has developed has made things like videoconferencing, and its extension, telepresence, a much cheaper, easier and a more accessible way to do business. This report looks primarily at reduced business travel and its associated costs, the environmental benefits, the differences in videoconferencing and telepresence, how these things add value to a business, if they are needed at all by a business and how they are changing the way we prepare for business…

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  • What Are The Disadvantages Of Flexible Work

    with employees that work through flexible work arrangements also face the challenge of security of information and intellectual property. Employees working though flexible work arrangements are able to log into work at any time in any location however, people are able to view computer screens or listen into teleconferencing when in public spaces which could posse legal issues in some instances (Impacts Of Teleworking Under The NBN 2010). Furthermore, information security of video conferencing…

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  • Benefits Of Telenursing In Nursing

    hopefully allow them to be treated sooner so that less interventions and specialties will be needed. Patients in rural areas no longer have to commute long distances for specialized care; they can consult with specialized nurses and physicians via telephone. Health records are kept up to date, especially if the all the patient providers are part of the same system. Cost may be lower for the patient as cost related to commuting is eliminated. A major benefit to the telenurse is less time spent…

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  • The Importance Of Telenursing

    Ask them if this is a good time to ask personal questions and if not, it is appropriate to ask them if they can set aside a time when they can talk privately. If this is the best time and other people will be within hearing distance it is important to inform them that privacy may not be maintained. It is a “nurses ethical duty to ensure the patient’s right to privacy at all times”. It is the nurses responsibility to document that the patient was willing to go ahead with the conversation even…

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  • Health Intervention Proposal: A Case Study

    intervention program and since the priority population is young at age and very involved with technology internet POST strategy, which will assist the planning to include social medial, would be the best tool to use. With the help of social media social media the information will always be available to the priority population and would be easily and quickly updated so the participants will always have the latest updates on the program. In addition, materials and information will be easily shared…

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  • Kids Under 15 Spending Their Time Essay

    One area I would recommend to my boss pursue a possible product or service, by offering employees’ a place at work like a gym to work out and exercise on their free and leisure time off. This way an employer can make sure that there is a well life balance at work, and in return employees’ will be more willing to work for the betterment of the company. The second area I would recommend is socializing and communication, among staff members in forums, meetings like on video chats, video…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Information Technology

    essential need in our life. For example, we can send e-mail to each other, play games, watch movies, online shopping or do some business by using internet. 2. Affects In Our Life Is Mobile Phone  This is due to the reason that we can contact and send message to each other by using mobile phone. For instance, we can communicate with each other in a faraway place or different country, the mobile phone is the most important things. Conclusion In a nutshell, information brings many advantages and…

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  • What Is A Cost-Conscious Culture

    different method of information dissemination. Say an employee took one hour to write up the information, distribute it via email, and the same 10 meeting attendees took 15 minutes to read the information; then the “cost” of that information dissemination would be 3.5 hours in time. A savings of 6.5 hours is for one transaction, but applied across the enterprise would be significant. The second example relates to travel in the Department of Defense. Thomas Mulczyniski brings up the…

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  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)

    Rural areas often have some of our most vulnerable patients. These areas usually have small critical access hospitals where emergency patients can be stabilized for transfer to larger hospitals. The team at the rural hospital could have access to the patient’s medical history so that they would be up to date on any important diagnosis or medications. Then, once the patient is ready for transport, records of any lab or imaging results could be sent electronically ahead of them. This would…

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  • Emirates Airlines: SWOT And PEST Analysis Of Emirates Airlines

    The Department of Civil Aviation has plans to invest in developing its main airport. Dubai’s total investments on airport development over coming 20 years will exceed Dh 45 billion.(——) Social factors Due to the increase in world population, especially in UAE which consists expatriates.As the number of expatriates is increasing, airlines firms' profits will increase, because those expatriates need to travel to their homeland sometime. Also the boom in tourism industry increases the demand for…

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