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  • Strategic Communication

    Strategic communication is the ability to understand and utilize the essential communication skills in any business and professional settings. In the light of fluctuations in world business, communication skills play a key role toward a successful professional development within organizations. Consequently, any organization that does not strategically communicate to its customers and employees will more likely not survive. The recent revolution in technology has opened more doors and…

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  • The Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

    The age of computers has drastically enhanced our ability to view, document and diagnose without the need to write on paper. There are many software applications available for use to aide in recording a patient’s health record. The technology of today is designed to capture the whole picture of a patient’s medical conditions. The paper medical record could often be illegible and often mistakes were made when transcribing, causing misinformation used to treat the patient. The benefits are huge,…

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  • Technology In The Classroom: Annotated Bibliography

    Annotated Bibliography Technology is advancing and many classrooms want to use it to engage their students and make classes more enjoyable, but is technology really capable of that. There are many factors in deciding if technology is worth it. Where schools and universities get the money should be of big concern. The upkeep that the technology needs can be a hindrance. The internet needs to be regulated, but that is not always done to the students advantage. Teachers do not always know how to…

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  • Porter's Five Forces Paper

    Michael Porter’s five competitive model forces: (1) the threats of new entrants, (2) the bargaining power of suppliers, (3) the bargaining power of buyers, (4) the threats of substitute products and services, and (5) rivalry among competitors (Kinicki & Williams, 2014, p. 173-174; O’Brien, & Marakas, 2011, p. 46). This model is a starting pointing for identifying the company’s strengths and weaknesses by looking at the industry and itself. This model was developed initially for…

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  • Impact Of Technology And Genetic Research On Doctor-Patient Relationships

    6. Advancements in technology and genetic research have impacted the doctor-patient relationships over the past few years. Previously records were kept as a hard copy in filing cabinets, and today files can stored as computerized information known as electronic record keeping. This steers away from biographical medicine in which it was not very accurate because the patient’s memory can sometimes be faulty and with this shift the advancement is more concrete in accuracy. The value of this…

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  • British Airways Swot Analysis Essay

    First, the Heathrow Airport is the most hubs across the world. Second, the British Airways has strong growth in emerging markets. For example, China and India is emerging markets. In these countries, the investment in the travel infrastructure, rising foreign tourism, the expansion of the middle class and increasing international business opportunities. Third, in modern countries, internet is the most popular ways to know something. So the British Airways should increases access to the internet.…

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  • The Importance Of Leading A Virtual Team

    Virtual teams are an organizational arrangement that have been growing in acceptance in the business community for a variety of reasons. One particular pressure on health care organizations is to provide high quality service under increasing price pressures (Sahni, Chigurupati, Kocher, & Cutler, 2015). As health care organizations cover a wide variety of functions, there are certain aspects of the business such as information technology and call centers that can also take advantage of time zone…

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  • Google Apps Case Study

    ------------------------------------------------- Business Opportunity Friends for Africa is a fast growing NGO. As it grows, it continues to employ more staff and each of these staff needs an email address and other Google Apps products to work and collaborate with others. ------------------------------------------------- Vendor Profile Globasure Technologies Ltd (Globasure), a financial technology company, located in Lagos, Nigeria, develops and provides innovative end-to-end payment…

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  • Leading In A Hostile Environment Case Study

    Integrated Case Study: Leading in a Hostile Environment Two great hospital systems are merging; Medical One, the larger of the two by far, with a stronger customer service platform, and one that was acquired via this merger of Healthcare Plus, who’s strength is one of a more financially sound practice operations. The best of both worlds is the desired end-state of the new firm. Colleen Brooks has been tasked with the position of Regional Director of Nursing Efficiency, overseeing operations in…

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  • Iwamoto Crews Coe Case Study

    Upon these findings, recommendations were provided to Iwamoto and her partners. Current Website Review The initial review by Team A was coordinated using a distinct set of parameters – company culture, client perspective and technology perspective. This method provides a more objective result when determining the positive and negative elements of the website, and allows the team to formulate a collective recommendation for the site’s improvements. Home Page The first order of business for…

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