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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shareholder Theory

    First, its goal of maximisation of equity is measureable and thus, managers can set concrete steps to achieve it. Second, the theory has a long history backed up by economic principles and empirical research, which makes it more stable and predictable. Third, it also specifies the scope of a firm’s responsibility, concerning itself only with its existing shareholder’s interest. This narrow focus makes a company’s goals simpler and easier to achieve. However, the disadvantage of shareholder theory is that it largely ignores other factors that affect the company’s performance. When taken into account, these factors, which include the interests of stakeholders, may benefit the firm in different ways (e.g. happier employees leads to higher productivity, obeying government regulations lessens penalties, sustainable business processes leads to less pressure from environmental activists, social awareness entices customer loyalty, etc). In contrast…

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  • Political Science In Karl Popper's Clouds Clocks, And The Study Of Politics

    the global politic scene. Nonetheless, as human behavior forms the basis of political science, it can be inherently difficult to quantify. This begs the question as to whether or not political science can be considered a hard, quantifiable science—one based on empirical evidence. In “Clouds, Clocks, and the Study of Politics,” Gabriel Almond and Stephen Genco utilize Karl Popper’s metaphor of “clouds” and “clocks” in an attempt to place comparative politics on the spectrum of science. To do…

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  • Do Children Learn Best In Their First Language As A Basis For Bilingual And Multilingual Education

    Most of the empirical research confirms that most children learn best in their first language as a basis for bilingual and multilingual education. Studies indicate that six to eight years of education is necessary for the development of literacy and verbal proficiency required for secondary school academic achievement. Empirical evidence suggests that the ability of a child to learn a second language does not suffer if the primary language used for instruction in the entire primary school is the…

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  • Dichotomy Between Academia And Spirituality Study

    The call to meditation and self-reflection in spiritual practices often becomes convoluted, evident in a radical interior withdrawal into selfish privacy, while with exteriority, it leads to an uncompromising dependence on the empirical reality. In the academic world, radical interiority often develops when scholars withdraw from the world without intention of returning. A sense of intellectual and spiritual ego arises from this withdrawal, creating an interesting dichotomy between Gottlieb’s…

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  • Post-Positivist Approach In Research

    aims to explore whether deterrence works in garnering employees ’compliance with social media policies in governmental agencies in Saudi Arabia. In planning my research, I assume that the best approach to find an answer for my question is to apply the principles of the scientific method, conceptualization, operationalization, measurement, data collection and analysis, with the realization that there is a real answer to my question that could be reached through objective investigation. All of…

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  • Agile Project Management Annotated Bibliography

    The eight ethical virtues are: clarity, congruency of management, congruency of supervisors, feasibility, supportability, transparency, discussability, and sanctionability. The importance of ethics programs and their methods are given. The work also examines transactional verses transformational leadership and methods of resolving moral issues. The methodology and research design section examines the collection of empirical data, which evaluates the relationship between leadership and…

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  • Vertical Fit Theory

    to limitations which stem from inconsistencies surrounding empirical research. Examples of these inconsistencies, which are common within empirical research, include researchers using different practices when examining ‘Best Practice’ relationships and examining different outcomes. In trying to define a set of “best practices” that translates well to all organizations, much difficulty has arisen as researchers have not been able to agree upon a set of practices that all organizations can benefit…

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  • Natural Science Vs Sense Perception

    The difficulty with reconciling natural science and sense perception is that scientific research requires us to formulate abstract notions based on our qualitative observations. The question above mentions the sensory observation that the table is solid, which is accurate. However, this claim is also influenced by the physical boundaries of our senses. We can reconcile the two sources of knowledge but we have to explain how observations developed by natural science are independent of its…

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  • 18th Century Scientific Advancements

    (study of functions) (Author unknown, n.d.). In physics and astronomy they included Galileo; Copernicus; Kepler; Brahe; Huygens; Cassini; Herschel; and again Newton (). Laws of motion were advanced and the invention and use of telescopes opened up a universe beyond the Earth, which ceased to be the centre of the universe. In physiology and biology, they included Vesalius (research into human anatomy); Harvey (treatise on blood circulation); Hooke (discovery of cells); van Leeuwenhoek microscopic…

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  • The Importance Of Science Within The Curriculum

    Throughout this assignment, I will be critically examining the teaching and learning of science throughout a series of lessons, based on materials, within a class of year one students. I will also be comparing the old and new national curriculum to identify the advantages and disadvantages for key changes which have taken place. As well as this, this essay will talk about the importance of science within the curriculum and how it is delivered in primary classrooms. Furthermore, I will be…

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