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  • Personal Narrative: Keeping Me On My Toes

    entered the break room, where brightly colored mesh bags rested across the benches. Enviously, I followed behind them, reluctantly slipping off my own pair of battered ballet slippers, evidence of hours in the practice room. Chattering happily, the girls emptied the contents of their bags and pulled out the satin-covered pointe shoes and proceeded to expertly lace them up their legs. As I sipped from my water bottle, I gazed at the beautiful sight. Attached elegantly to the perfectly-arched shank, the long soft ribbons connected the inner and outer soles to the hard, wooden box at the tip of the shoe. Soon, the soft classical melody began to play as the ballerinas performed classic, sophisticated arabesques and pirouettes as I lamely gazed from the doorway. A lump formed in my throat. How long before my chance to shine in the spotlight?…

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  • Essay On Pointe Dancing

    Many people say that they don’t want to do pointe dancing because they are afraid of what might happen to them when they start. While there are plenty disadvantages of doing pointe work, there are many rewarding things about it. A lot of people will judge pointe dancing by how it looks and say that they will never even consider doing pointe dancing, but in order to get the thrill that dancers get, you must understand the history of the amazing work of art. The art of pointe dancing was created…

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  • Dance In The Romantic Era

    costumes were more simplistic, with well-crafted detailing and softer colours. In the happier sections of the piece (the peasants waltz in Giselle par example), the costumes were plainer, but with vibrant colours. The only areas of bare skin on display were the neck and shoulder area, and it was essential that the tutu was long enough to cover the ankle. In the 1800 's, the ankle was considered the most sensual part of the female body. Creators of the ballet were concerned that if it were on…

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  • Emilia Dancelli's Narrative Essay

    Rebekah shifted Emilia’s legs out of her lap and scooted around to sit by her head instead. “Sweetheart, wake up so I can get you home.” “J’suis… mmm, I’m awake...” “No, you’re not. Come on, love.” Rebekah helped her sit up, rubbing her back to wake her up a bit. "J 'veux pas..." Emilia curled into Rebekah, burying her face in her neck. "Yeah, I know, you 're worn out. Let 's go home." "Non. " "Yep. Let 's go, up you get." Rebekah dragged Emilia to her feet and half-carried her to where her…

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  • Pointe Shoes Research Paper

    toes, a feat that only those with training in pointe shoes can do. An object with an unattractive appearance that has special meaning to someone for other reasons is a ballerina’s first pair of pointe shoes. The first pair of pointe shoes a ballerina receives have special meaning because they were earned through hard work and dedication, they initiate other accomplishments in a dancer’s career, and they hold lots of special memories. Firstly, these specially fit satin covered shoes are earned…

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  • Betty Marie Tallchief

    Betty Marie was a shy, Indian girl who loved dancing to ballet. She had amazing talent, but sometimes she was faced with prejudice.During her career, she changed her name to Maria, but she left her last name “Tallchief” because she had much pride in it. Betty Marie “Maria” Tallchief was truly a woman of two worlds.Ballet usually took the shy feeling away from because she loved it so much. Betty Marie was an amazingly talented girl ,who loved ballet. In the passage, it states that “ballet…

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  • Anna Pavlov The Dying Swan

    Anna Pavlova was born on February 12, 1881, in St. Petersburg, Russia. She joined the Imperial Ballet School, were she made her company debut in 1899 and rapidly became a prima ballerina. Her way forward was performing in The Dying Swan in 1905, which became her mark role. She then joined the Ballet Russe in 1909 and formed her own company in 1911. Pavlova died in 1931, after contracting double pneumonia while on tour. Because Anna graduated as a coryphée, she was able to bypass the typical…

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  • Ballet: The Risks And Effects Of Ballet

    The Risks and Effects of Ballet Ballet is an artistic dance which involves elegant movements, precise steps, and fancy gestures. With the use of pointe shoes, leotards, and determination, ballet dancers perform exquisite performances. However, before all the performances go on, difficult practices push these dancers to achieve very high standards. Ballet dancers practice until they believe they have reached perfection. Many times, this willpower causes dancers to go through terrible…

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  • Victorian Era Dance Analysis

    Comparing Romanic and Victorian Era Dancing Dance is an aspect of culture, and just like any other culture it changes. When reflecting on La Sylphide and various dances created in the 19th century there is a visual shift in how movement is articulated. When comparing IMAGES OF LA STLPHIDE: Two Accounts by a Contemporary Witness of Marie Taglioni's Appearances in St. Petersburg to Politicizing Dance in Late-Victorian Women’s Poetry, it is obvious that dance is still prevalent in society, however…

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  • Up To This Pointe Character Analysis

    Up To This Pointe written by Jennifer Longo, takes place in a roaring city called San Francisco. Harper Scott, the main character, is a professional ballet dancer. She dances with her best friend Kate at Madame’s Ballet Studio. The Plan, carefully put together by Harper and Kate goes awry. Harper constantly thought she would become a professional ballet dancer with Kate and that would be her life. Harper was not prepared when The Plan only works out for Kate. Harper has to think of a new Plan…

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