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  • Argumentative Essay: The Decline Of Endangered Languages

    Language is the most crucial form of communication. Although, it varies from culture to culture, language has the same purpose and it is applied in similar process. However, many of the languages are endangered and becoming extinct. Endangered languages are the biggest reason that there is a loss of culture or the decline of consistent tradition. If languages are not treasured and valued, then it can destroy the whole culture by removing it altogether. Every language is important and has very high value, whether one is more popular than the other. Language, in my opinion, cannot die, it can fade away or become less popular, however, it cannot actually become “extinct”. Language usually is incorporated into other languages or language is altered…

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  • Endangered Language Essay

    3. Causes of endangerment in an Index There is no single reason for language endangerment. Usually more than one factor are responsible for endangerment. But all the possible factors are examinable to make a correct result. The responsible factors and causes of endangerment are given with analyzing: 3.1. Domination of State language And Lingua Franca: The philosophy of the blood bathed language movement of 1952 in East Pakistan was for the right to speak in mother tongue. The people’s demand…

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  • Endangered Languages Case Study

    Endangered languages: its deteriorate situation and the solutions With approximately 7 billion population, currently, there are around 6900 languages used all over the world (Romaine, 2007). However, most of them are not be used by sufficient population so that their survival may be faced with threaten now or in the future. According to Sallabank (2011), 50 to 90% languages will disappear in nearly 100 years. Though it seems that the living conditions of those…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Sixth Extinction Jeff Corwin

    as well as the deforestation of Indonesia, swimming around giant islands of garbage in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, and observing the hunting of endangered sea turtles off the coast of multiple Asian countries. While Corwin makes it a point to highlight the death and demise of “charismatic species” (473), he also sheds light on species that are going extinct that many of us may not even consider. While planning a trip to Panama, Corwin had to explain to his own young daughter that she would…

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  • Essay On Pros And Cons Of Zoos

    see the world out of doors the confines in their cages/boundaries. Locking them up in cages deprives them of the a good deal-wanted freedom. Such animals, if ever launched in the wild, should find it tough to conform to the 'foreign ' environment, that 's far one of a kind from that of zoos; the instance of the attention seeking orphan toddler polar undergo, "Knut" is clean inside the minds of people even nowadays. furthermore, no longer all of the claims regarding right care of animals made by…

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  • Informative Essay On Endangered Pangolins

    Endangered Pangolins People are trying to save Pangolins because it is the most illegally traded animal in the world and before they are eaten to extinction. There are up to 100,000 Pangolins that are estimated to be hunted and sold every year. Which is making them the most traded animal in the world. How are people helping: Well people are trying to find these animals in the wild and to put them in a safe place where they don’t have to be hunted and also so they don’t go extinct. Well and when…

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  • What Is The Dichotomy Of Wild Life

    destruction of the ecosystem versus human survival. Set in the Sundarbans, a place where nature is harsh and vengeful making the struggle for human existence an intense task, the novel explores the plight of displaced people in their struggle for land and the constant fight for survival in a dangerous and fragile ecosystem which humans share with animals. Environmental groups zealously strive to protect the tiger habitats and as environmental issues continue to gain larger spaces, human lives…

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  • Kwazulu Dwarf Chameleon Case Study

    “KwaZulu Dwarf Chameleon” is the official common name for this chameleon, where the name can be internationally recognised. Its original name was the “black-headed dwarf chameleon”, however it is unsuitable due to it lacking the feature of a black head. The reason why it was named this in the first place, is because a museum had the specimen that acquired a black head due to preservation processes. Local names given to this chameleon include Durban dwarf chameleon, unwabu (isiZulu),…

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  • Whales In The 19th Century

    “Whaling” became a major term of the 19th century. Whales were killed and used for almost every part of their body, similar to the bison. The fat, otherwise known as blubber was used to make soaps and oils, while the whale bone was used for everyday items like corsets, umbrellas, and combs. A factory whaling ship killed around 3 million of the innocent beings. A change occurred in the mid 20th century when they became an endangered species. Major protests and environmental organizations such as…

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  • The Last Speaker David Harrison Analysis

    travels across the world with Harrison and learns about endangered languages. Harrisons’ goal is listen to people’s views on why their language is important and celebrate languages that no longer have a large amount of speakers. Harrison is able to meet the last speakers of some languages and expand his knowledge about different cultures and the influence that language has on people’s everyday lives. Harrison is able to identify the similarities and differences between the languages he knows and…

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