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  • Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes: The Art Of Ballet

    Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes The art of ballet would be unequaled without splendid pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are the most distinguished element of a ballerina’s appearance. In the 18th Century, the ballet world decided that ballerinas should look graceful and light as if they could fly. A famous prima ballerina, Marie Taglioni, created the first known pair of pointe shoes. She built a small box, filled with cushions, which she attached to her ballet shoes so she could rise to the tip of her toes. She made her first appearance wearing these newly created pointe shoes in the well-known ballet "La Sylphide". Many other ballerinas for over two centuries used very similar pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are traditionally handmade with silk, cardboard…

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  • Pointe Shoes Research

    in; however, the topic of pointe shoes caught my attention the most because they are what allow a ballerina to look so light and elegant when dancing on their toes. I was surprised to find out how sturdy the shoes actually are, with all the different types of material they are made of including paper, cardboard, burlap, fabric, and glue. These are the more traditional materials a pointe shoe is made up of, however depending on the brand it can be different. For example, Gaynor Minden uses…

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  • Pointe Shoes Research Paper

    a feat that only those with training in pointe shoes can do. An object with an unattractive appearance that has special meaning to someone for other reasons is a ballerina’s first pair of pointe shoes. The first pair of pointe shoes a ballerina receives have special meaning because they were earned through hard work and dedication, they initiate other accomplishments in a dancer’s career, and they hold lots of special memories. Firstly, these specially fit satin covered shoes are earned through…

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  • The Power Of Endurance

    She no longer had to wear the normal pink ballet shoes with the pretty pink bow at the toe, the girl had upgraded to something much more rewarding. All of the girl’s hard work and long years of ballet finally paid off when her teacher told her to go out and buy this Bloch light pink satin pointe shoes. They signified that she was not only moving up in dance but growing up as well. They were the beginning of her teenaged years and the shoes brought comfort to her feet as well as herself. Every…

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  • Essay On Cowboy Boots

    Cowboy boots: From workhorse to fashion statement The legends and lore around cowboy boots provoke the history of thrill, romance and mystery. Cowboy boots are unique because of their own taste, style and functionality. These are designed to protect your feet while doing a task in the pasture or riding in the saddle. To riders, cowboy western boots are far too ahead than anything else when it comes to footwear because of their pointed toe that facilitates the rider to slip their foot into the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Love Of Pointe Shoes

    From the age of three, I loved ballet more than any of the other styles of dance or other extracurricular activities. I remember being backstage for dance recitals and looking up at the “big girls” with their beautiful pointe shoes. They would stand all the way on the tips of their toes and twirl around so easily. For years I would watch, mesmerized, dreaming of being a real ballerina and wearing my own pointe shoes. As my technique improved, my love of ballet grew. I looked at pictures and…

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  • Dance Performance Analysis: Carnival Of The Animals

    On April 15th I viewed “Carnival of the Animals”- a collaboration between the Arkansas Philharmonic and the Northwest Arkansas Ballet Theatre. The performance featured several different styles and types of performing arts, including acting, dancing, and a symphony. I also noticed several different things whilst viewing this program that heavily influenced my overall assessment. When I first walked into the Arend Arts Center, I noticed the stage was split in two. Stage right had several chairs…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Ill Fitting Shoes Essay

    but are the very thing that moves it around, so why do we not concern ourselves more with the consequences of damaging our feet with poorly fitted shoes? Not only can wearing ill fitting shoes affect our feet, it can also cause permanent, precarious problems to our bodies and with up to 80% of the adult population suffering from some form of foot problem it is shocking that this problem is not glaringly obvious to us. High arch, normal arch or flat foot, these are the 3 main foot types that can…

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  • Cowboy Boots Essay

    perfectly fit can be very comfortable and can easily snug around your foot (each boot should conform to each foot as they are both different). If your boots are not correct, either too wide or long, you will be unable to strut or saunter when you walk. If your boots are too small, your knees, hips, legs and feet will be in pain even when you have already taken off your boots. For those people who order their boots from an online store, finding the right boot size can be problematic. The right…

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  • Evolution Of Ballet

    When you think of ballet the many things that comes to mind is tutus and pointe shoes. Although many people don't know the true history and origin of ballet it's safe to say that ballet has become a style dance that is well know around the world from all walks of life. Ballet is an art form which is evolving and changing with the years to come. Ballet began in the 15th century Italian Renaissance courts. The term “Ballet” comes from the italian word ‘ballare” which translates to “to dance”.…

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