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  • Body Armor History

    Starting off with the chain bodysuits in medieval times, body armor has evolved through many technological advances. During current military operations, Soldiers are suited up with bulletproof vests, and outer tactical vests with ballistic material for bullet resistance. The progress of body armor over many many years has gone all the was from animal skins, to chains covering a knight's body, all the way to ballistic vests, fully bulletproof suits, military helmets with bullet proof technology made of Kevlar® fiber, tested to obtain shrapnel, fragmentation and 9mm bullets shot at sub-machine gun velocities. To sum it up, body/combat armor has evolved all the way from medieval chain suits, to some of the top toughest metals and ballistic materials…

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  • Advantages Of Integrated Ballistics Identification System

    One is the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS). As stated by the National Police Commission (NPC), IBIS is a system wherein all evidences gathered such as bullets, in the actual scenes of firearm-related cases are encoded and recorded in a database. This system is intended for cross-matching of guns; and, for easier future references especially during investigation and court trials as it has a capability to store, compare, and recall even millions of data entries in the database.…

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  • Essay On Dysentery During The Civil War

    More Americans have died during the Civil War than any other war. 620,000 soldiers died in the line of duty. Two-thirds of these didn’t die from wounds. They died from diseases such as typhoid and dysentery. Civil War medicine was not yet advanced enough to connect a lack of hygiene with an influx of disease. Lack of hygiene in hospitals and camps also contributed to the spread of disease. Placing a latrine downstream away from the clean water supply was sometimes also overlooked. Disease spread…

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  • Transformative Essay: The North Korean Space Program

    with most of the world for quite some time. Following the division of the country in 1948, North Korea has been arguably the least transparent country in the world. The rise of super power nations such as the United States, Russia, and China has made North Korea even more non-transparent. North Koreans have kept much of their military research and development, space program, and every day life under tight lock down. Present day North Korea is not much different. However, their ambitions of…

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  • North Korea Essay

    possible GPS guided missile will fall. These technologically jammers pose a threat to commercial and military flights coming in and out of South Korea, nearing the borders of the North. Along with jammers, missiles come under the category of technological advancement as well as North Korea’s newest threat of nuclear headway. It was reported on the ninth of April this year that the communist country successfully tested a missile engine. As mentioned earlier, North Korea has made numerous threats…

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  • Essay On Arms Race

    had a significant impact on technology and science, being the impetus for further development of nuclear weaponry, transportation forms, electronics, biological weapons, among many other aspects of the world during this time. Most significantly, the Cold War led to major advancement in weaponry, with a large percentage of all worldwide military spending being set aside for the development of nuclear weaponry. The beginning of the 1950s saw the development of the hydrogen bomb, today also known…

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  • Innovations During The Cold War

    scientist Alan Turing created one of the first functional digital computers in order to crack a secret German code. After the war ended, computational technology to advance. In 1946 Turing was tasked with creating a computer with the ability to perform nuclear calculations. His response to this challenge was the Mathematical Analyzer Integer And Computer, or MANIAC for short. The MANIAC was the first functional and reliable computer that operated using binary, the language that all modern…

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  • The Day After Analysis

    the authors suggest that their research exposed the implausible irony that those who feared The Day After would benefit the anti-nuclear movement, may have assisted that cause by drawing media attention to the film (576). In 1983, the Cold War reached its highest level of tension since the Cuban missile crisis. Both international and domestic unrest generated a feeling of malaise in the United States (Judge and Langdon, 234). Internationally, Americans observed increased rhetoric from the…

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  • Strategic Arms Limitation Talks: The Cuban Missile Crisis

    land-based missiles. Massive land based SS missiles came to symbolize the brutish aura of soviet nuclear arsenal. During the 1960s, the US and Soviet Strategic doctrines were moving in the opposite direction. While the US moved from heavy Titan to more accurate, solid-fuelled minutemen missiles, the Russians moved in the other direction with their massive SS-9s. SALT I, signed between Nixon and Brezhnev had two parts. The first was a treaty limiting the defensive capabilities of each side.…

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  • Joint Force Disadvantages

    maintaining a U.S. nuclear deterrence capability in terms of military utilitarianism is the opportunity cost of these forces with respect to conventional forces that are used routinely. However, the Nuclear Employment Strategy (NES) from 2013 indicated one-third less nuclear warheads than allowed under the NEW START Treaty would be an effective deterrent. The NES also recommended retiring one ICBM wing and reducing the non-strategic nuclear weapons from the Air Force. These savings would…

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