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  • Albin O. Kuhn Library Case Study

    Location of the Facility The Albin O. Kuhn Library (AOK) and Gallery can be found on the campus of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). UMBC, an honors college, is located at 1000 Hilltop Circle in Baltimore County, mostly in the community of Catonsville. Spanning across over 500 acres of land, UMBC is three miles outside the Baltimore City limits and is surrounded by BWI Airport, Amtrak train station, bus lines, business, restaurants and other conveniences. The library is named in honor of Albin O. Kuhn, who was UMBC’s first chancellor. The library sits nears the residential halls in the center of the campus. Purpose of the Facility As stated in their website, “the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery strives to fulfill the information needs of a research university with distinctive undergraduate and graduate experiences to foster student success. We offer the highest quality resources and services for UMBC 's growing and evolving teaching, learning, research, and service environment.” The main purpose of the facility is to provide its students, both undergraduate and graduate, with space, services, and resources needed in order to be academically successful. Students (individual and groups) come to the library for a quiet place to study, and to access high quality resources, especially technology, that support their study of discipline. Staff is on hand…

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  • Summary: Growing Up In Baltimore

    Baltimore, Maryland is where I was born and raised. Baltimore can be considered a Mid-Atlantic state, but it’s south of the Mason-Dixon line. Baltimore can claim to be a blend of Northern and Southern American traditions. Baltimore is well known for its riots, violence, crime rate, the movie The Wire, and gang activities. Baltimore is very dangerous. Baltimore has a bad reputation that makes people think twice about whether they would want to visit or live in Baltimore. Growing up in Baltimore…

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  • Stereotypes In Media Essay

    With “2.9 televisions, 1.8 VCR’s, 3.1 radios, 2.6 tape player, 2.1 CD players, 1.4 video game players, and one television” it is common that most Americans get their news, and information from the media. In today’s world, escaping media has come close to impossible. In his article “Supersaturation, or, The Media Torrent and Disposable Feeling,” Gitlin states that many children, especially those who live in low income households, spend extensive amounts of time in front of the TV. The influence…

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  • Summary Of Wherever There's A Fight By Elaine Yogi

    Wherever There’s a Fight by Elaine Elinson and Stan Yogi, is a book that narrows down the struggles of man and woman of all colors to protect and extend their civil rights liberties. It provides stories of events in history that marked the lives of many people.The stories described in the book show how many people were being discriminated for the way they looked, the disability they had, their sexualaty for being black, latino, or Japanese. It gives the reader an image of all the injustices and…

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  • The Colored Museum Analysis

    As I reflect on my present state of conciseness, I can honestly say the play, “The colored museum”, has helped shaped my thinking . “The colored museum” was a eye opener in the light of racism towards African Americans in The United States. This play was a precise indictment of the oppression and slavery blacks had to face through the making of America. The author George C. Wolfe, illustrated oppressed economic and social conditions that African Americans occupied and still do. These conditions…

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  • African Americans-Personal Narrative

    When I was little I lived in a very small town. A town so small that everyone knew everyone, we had two stop lights and a diner. The closest restaurant or department store was 30 plus minutes away. My fiancé grew up in grove city, He was one of the popular kids in school so he has a lot of friends who are of a different ethnicity. Growing up my parents let me adventure off, but never like what I did this past weekend. Mikey, my fiancé took me to one of his friends’ houses to hang out and watch a…

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  • Why Are Police Body Cameras Important

    tells the officer that he cannot breath and the officer doesn’t listen and just keeps choking him until he passed away. So there has been a lot of cases lately and police body cameras will make these cases more understandable of what happened that day and they will have more evidence of the case. That is also a reason that we need body cameras in all the states because these types of problems can happen in other states like Baltimore and many other states. Police officers had been hated on by…

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  • Hptn In Nursing

    Hypertension (HTN), the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease, remains a national problem (Hanus, Simoes, Amboni, Ceretta, & Tuon, 2015). The prevalence rate of HTN is approximately 1 billion people around the world (Hanus et al., 2015). Moreover, complications from HTN cause an estimated 9.4 million deaths per year (Kjeldsen et al., 2014). It is important to understand HTN and the negative effects it can cause within the human body as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN).…

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  • Hepatitis B Vaccines: A Case Study

    Introduction The vulnerable population is made up of several groups of residents in Baltimore. These groups consist of the elderly, homeless, disabled, and immigrants. While researching about Baltimore City it has become apparent the biggest barrier to resource retrieval by vulnerable populations is their understanding of available help. These barriers vary by group and include reduced visual and audible abilities, lack of education leading to illiteracy, language barriers, and lack of…

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  • Scott W. Williams: Famous Black Mathematician

    Famous Black Mathematician Research Paper By: Ilyas Crawford Scott W. Williams Born April 22, 1943 in Staten Island, New York During his early youth Scott W. Williams was raised in Baltimore by an academically orientated family. His family was involved in many things like the civil rights movement, African American history, and music all of his uncles and aunts had graduated college with at least one degree. His father Roger Williams served in the military but was one of the first blacks…

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